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Fitness FUNdamentals

When it comes to fitness, less is more. Promise.  Hear me out.  Please also understand that I am not saying this for us to be lazy nor to imply that we can put in less effort to get more results. Here’s what I mean:

If we do less of what does not matter and do more of what does matter,  we can create a realistic and effective fitness routine.

When we let go of the FOMO of finding the newest, bestest, quickest fix to increase speed or tone that tummy … it leaves us in the space to focus on fitness fundamentals. We typically think that if we are doing super complex movements or the latest from some the top selling photoshopped fitness magazine that we are destined for greatness. This is actually a bummer because it shifts our fitness ADD riddled brain to the next fitness fad a few weeks later.  We didn’t even track our initial results properly!! Or how about skipping so many workouts that we break up with our current plan and move on saying “Its not you, its me” when really we don’t think it is us and we blame the workout for not giving us a six pack or all star jammer status in 30 days or less.

Heres the deal … reaching your fitness goals (or any goal!  Literally any goal in life!) requires a few fundamentals that we must stick to for the long haul.


The only bad workout is the one you don’t do. Cliche – I know!  And so freaking true its absurd. The #1 reason most workout plans fail is that the person FAILS TO DO THEM. If you’re going to start any kind of fitness plan, stick to it CONSISTENTLY for at least 8-12 weeks. Your workouts must

1) Be actually scheduled into your schedule

2) Fit into YOUR SCHEDULE.

(Oh you don’t have schedule/calendar you say? This is probably why every workout you’ve tried hasn’t worked!)


Note: Being TONED is not a goal. Being jacked, tan and juicy AF actually is a goal.  Ask my beefy trap monster bestie B-Train.  Toning up is not a thing. What you are actually doing is BUILDING MUSCLE and DROPPING BODY FAT. Other goals may include INCREASING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE which is actually a lot of time different from just BUILDING STRENGTH. SO lets go into each one and how to get it:


To build muscle you have to do something called Progressive Overload.  Progressive Overload is a fancy way of saying “girl, that weight better weigh more than your purse.” For reals though – what this means is that over time the amount of weight you are using for each exercise MUST GO UP. No increase in weight, no muscle for you. Most women fear getting bulky or looking like a body builder.  The reality is that bulk only happens when you build muscle AND fail to lose fat (ahem ahem put the fork down cuz that lean out is allll in the nutrition) or you trip and fall into a basket of steroids (so just watch out for buckets of steroid needles and you’ll be fine).  It should be noted that muscle growth also cannot happen if calorie in take is too low.


This one is actually super easy. To get that “damn I look sexy naked” thing going on all you have to do is eat less calories than you burn (which helps murder the fat) AND weight train (so you don’t also accidentally murder your muscle mass). Yes that really is all.

Think I’m wrong on this one because you’ve tried every diet since the beginning of time? Get my 10 Day Athlete Nutrition 101 Program here


This is where it gets a little tricky because many of us are trying to do too many sports at once. I’ll just say it. CALM THE FUCK DOWN AND PICK ONE SPORT TO ACCELERATE IN. The biggest mistake I see is derby skaters who want to increase agility while also training for a half marathon. (I may or may not have actually been one of these people. Ok…I definitely was one of these people.) Now the issue is that running at a steady state for long distance in a slow repetitive movement is the ENEMY of fast twitch muscles for big power blocks, multi-directional movements and fast feet for agility. I am not saying don’t do both … what I am saying is don’t expect one to help you get better at the others.

Here are the basic areas of athletic performance:

Acceleration – Going from zero to hero speed e.g. sprints, sprints with resistance

Strength – Ability to lift heavier weights e.g. pick up heavy stuff and put it back down

Power (Strength with Speed) – Ability to move more weight faster e.g. plyometrics, weighted explosive movements

Agility – Fast feet/ability to change direction quickly e.g. agility ladders/multi directional sprints/cone drills

Endurance – Long Steady Distance (Marathons) e.g. jogging, swimming, biking

Endurance – High Intensity Intervals (Derby Jams) e.g. sprints (hills, stairs, sleds, full body movements *burpees!*

So pick a goal (or complimentary goals) and work on it for 8-12 weeks but don’t try and do 100 things at once. It will get you exactly no where. Need help picking a goal? Click Here


To have a well rounded fitness program, regardless of the goal, we must include workouts that hit all of our muscle groups.  Just to beat that dead horse a few more times – it can be super simple without going into every muscle in the body and there are only a few things we actually NEED to include.

Pull – pull ups for vertical pull and rows for a horizontal pull

Push – over head press for a vertical press and push ups or bench press for a horizontal press

Squat – do you need an explanation on this one?  Drop it like it’s hot.

Hinge – deadlift or kettle bell swings

Core – a combo of sit ups, Russian twists, leg raises hit the majority of it

Conditioning – HIIT or Long Steady Distance depending on goals


Frequency is a matter of preference and realistic time you have to spend sweating away at the gym. I prefer a 3 or 4 day split during the derby season and when not in season I prefer to hit the gym 5 days per week with an optional 6th day of full body exercise.

5 Day Split – Work each area to death once per week

4 Day Split –  Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat (core and cardio on push/pull days)

3 Day Split – Upper, Lower, Full Body OR 3 Full Body Workouts

So to send you off on your way with a snuggle and a big bow …

here’s the long and the short of it. If you are doing NOTHING right now, get your booty off the couch and DO SOMETHING. Adherence to ANYTHING is better than the occasional fancy workout.

That being said if you are going to do something, get the most bang for you energetic buck. There are a million exercises out there that fit these simple requirements. Find the ones you love to do and do them long enough and with enough regular increases in resistance to get results.

Or let me help you find them.

You can apply for a free 10 minute strategy session with me here.








Being the bestest. And why it doesn’t matter.

Happy #flexfriday! You know what I think is amazing?


In the grand scheme of things I’m not the most ripped, im not the strongest, I’m not the best roller derby skater, I’m not the richest, im not the smartest. But what I am is 100% ME and 100% in love with the journey im on called MY LIFE.


Letting go of fittest, fastest, strongest, smartest, successfulest, bestest, and perfectest in the world to simply focus on learning every single day, forgiving myself every single day, being grateful every single day, and seeking joy every single day are the greatest gifts any of us can give ourselves.


The gift of permission to be imperfect.

And these gifts, like anything are a practice.


Im still hard on myself (but I catch it and debunk that shit more often now that I used to). I still have bad days (but I cope with them better now that I used to). I still have that chattering money in my brain that says all kinds of negative garbage (but I listen to to and believe it a lot less than I used to).


You’re never going to be perfect.


You’re never going to get it “right.”


And accepting that and finding love and gratitude and lessons to learn along the way is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.


The gift of compassion for who we are on the way to who we want to be, that is what I wishfor you.

Do a happy dance!

Honoring our bodies, celebrating each small step, stopping to high five ourselves for every job well done.

Sometimes on the way to our big goals we forget to acknowledge the small steps that are vital to getting there.

Each workout, each healthy meal, each shift to a positive thought. These are truly the ONLY WINS THAT MATTER. Without them, your big goals will never be a reality.

In the past I used to hustle from task to task. From workout to breakfast to todo list without any pause. One of my mentors (yes coaches have coaches too) suggested that after every item checked off for my day that I stop and do a little celebration dance. It might sound silly but it has been the greatest thing ever!!!

Got outta bed and on the way to the gym? Boom mini “get it girl” dance!

Workout complete? Mini “woot woot”’dance in my car on the way home.

Finished a coaching call with one of my clients? Mini “changing the world” celebration dance.

Vacuumed and dusted? Raise the roof for a second.

Ate a delish lunch? Give a little Booty shake about it!

Posted something valuable for all my friends on social media to make your lives better by sharing what I’m learning in my own life? GUESS WHAT I’LL DO RIGHT AFTER I POST THIS POST?

What can you high five yourself for today?

What small thing can you show yourself some love for?

Practice the process

“You never get it done, and you cannot get it wrong. Life is supposed to be fun: you are creator, you are a focusing mechanism, and you are here in an environment that is very conducive to that. When you get hold of an idea, play it out for the pleasure in it. If you are doing it for any other reason, then you are not connecting to your inner truth and joy.”

I think specially when to comes to athletics, health, nutrition, and fitness the MINDSET of “I will never get it done” is soooo important.

The process of any transformation from where you are now to where you want to be is not about a finish line.

This process is about practice.

Practicing the things that make you FEEL good NOW about where you are going. You can be doing the exact same workout and in your mind be thinking “ugh I hate this. Why did I ever let myself get here. Why can’t I just be stronger now. Stupid body why are you so weak?” And the experience is AWEFUL which makes it near impossible to keep it up long term.

But if you take that same workout and as you do it you feel@the challenge in your muscles and you think “yes! This is making me stronger. My body deserves to be challenged and loved. I’m so grateful to have a body that will work hard for me as I push my way to a more athletic me.”

Same workout, two entirely different mindsets.

Two vastly different experiences of life.

Reasons why not

We have a whole lot of reasons why not. A reason why not is simply a lesson to be learned. And until you learn that lesson it will forever be in the way of your greatness/health/love life/sports performance/success/joy.


Life is a Contact Sport. Win.


You know the feeling.

You haven’t eaten in a while and you think you’re fine and then BOOM 💥 all of a sudden you are very NOT fine!

Cranky, tired, stomach growling.

Basically you turn into a toddler and stamp your feet and throw temper tantrums about everything.
I never used to be a snacker….or an organized anything eater. I would wait as long as I could until I was as hungry as I could stand and then I would go ahead and sober my face full of whatever I could find. Part of it was that I was just completely unorganized and never saw the value in snacks so I never really planned snacks, or lunches… Or any meal really for that matter. Plus, I figured the longer I waited the more weight I would lose. (WRONG!!)
Once I learned to eat every couple of hours and ward off the hungry monster I was actually able to maintain a leaner healthier body and have the energy that I’d always wanted. It’s a little bit of a mind game though because if we’re not planning out our snacks and just waiting for our bodies to say “hey let’s have a snack right now “ we usually end up waiting too long and end up starving and end up eating who the heck knows what that happens to be lying around.

A lot of times when my clients get started in my 12 Week Krash Course in Transformation they ask me “are you sure I should be eating a snack right now? I’m not hungry.” And I tell them that that’s exactly the point. Throwing those little snacks in there keeps you from being so starving by the time that you get to your meals that you inhale whatever you were supposed to have plus everything else within a 20 foot vicinity.
it’s really simple:
1. Pick a couple of portable snacks.  Ideally a protein and a carb. (I love dried roasted edamame its high in protein and in fiber. The wasabi flavor is amazing. I pair it up with an apple.)
2. Eat a snack in between breakfast and lunch and then again between lunch and dinner
3. Do happy dance because you won’t be hangry ever again!

Are you a snacker? Yes/NO
IF YES, what do you snack on?

IFNO, lets chat. Sign up for a 10 Minute strategy session here


The next generation

Happy #transformationtuesday! We learn A LOT from our parents from a very young age. Who we become is often rooted in the values we inherit from the early years that we can hardly even remember. I am so grateful to have had parents who valued health, sports, and personal growth.

We have a whole new generation of kids growing up sicker, fatter, and less informed about nutrition basics than ever before. It is our responsibility to BE the ROLE MODELS that these little ones can follow.

Even if you are just beginning your health journey now, just start. Your kids need you to be healthy, to LEARN HEALTHY, so you can teach it to them.

I work with a lot of moms who want to lose weight and be healthier and it’s not just for them, it’s for those little eyes that are watching them and learning and absorbing everything they do.

One of my clients emailed me the other day and she said “Wanted to share something I’ve been feeling since starting working with you. When I pack my son’s lunch each night for the next day I look at all the little compartments of healthy food and think, ‘He is cared for. You can tell someone loves him.’ How many years did I not treat myself with the same love and care? Since starting this program and planning out my meals and snacks, I feel as though I’m in control and I’m cared for. I’m giving myself the love and care I show others and it feels really good. “

Are you giving yourself that kind of love and care? Is it being passed on to your family?

I’m taking on just 5 more clients in May for my 12 week program where I teach you exactly how to get out of your own way and create the results you’ve always wanted not just for a few weeks but for life. If you’d like to be considered for one of those spots comment below with “details please” and I’ll contact you directly.


Life is a Contact Sport. Win.