Word have power

“I am an emotional eater.”

This is something I hear people say at least 3-5 times everyday.

Remember “I am” is a story you tell yourself about who you are based on WHO YOUVE BEEN IN THE PAST.

It’s not who you ARE. It’s who you’ve BEEN.

You don’t have to be that anymore. Stop saying it. 🛑 ✋. Don’t be a victim of your word choice.

I quit smoking COLD TURKEY when is started playing roller derby. It started by saying “no thanks I’m trying to quit.” Those words left me disempowered and feeling shitty. “Im trying to quit….” tryyyyying…ugh.

One day I decided to start saying “no thanks, I don’t smoke.” It was like a whole new world opened up. It just became who I was. I was now a non smoker. Simply because I said so.


Really take a second and get that.

Words change your world.

I mean, if saying “oh im an emotional eater” gives you powered and makes you feel great then keep saying it. But most people I encounter say it with embarrassment and shame and sadness. So. STOP SAYING IT. Just stop.

Tell a new story. It might not feel real when you start saying it but over time it will become real because you’ll back it up with action.

Find something else to do when you get emotional, stressed, procrastinate. Then start doing that instead. Meditate. Do push ups. Go for a walk. Have a snuggle. Then be an emotional that. “Oh I’m an emotional snuggler.” “Oh I’m an emotional walker.”

You only are what you say you are and the only one who has say over what you say is you. #endrant #saidwithlove #coachinghatison


Life is a Contact Sport. Win.



What friends are for

It doesn’t matter what is going on around us. It is how we choose to feel inside of us that creates our experience.

That being said, finding joy in life is not a solo experience. Human beings are social creatures.

Sometimes we need a reminder that we were meant to rely on each other for guidance and support.

You can be strong, confident, happy, healthy, and f$&@ing fabulous.

You just don’t have to get there alone.

flex your friend muscle and express some gratitude for those around you who bring love and light into your life so you can shine.


Life is a Contact Sport. Win.


Inspiration And Desperation

Loving your body and having the “perfect body” have been so collapsed together in our lives today. So many times we feel we aren’t allowed to love the body we have…or that wanting to change our body somehow means we don’t love it….or that we have to hate something to change something.


Real change begins for two reasons 

1)Desperation. We are so terrified of where we are or where we are going that we RUN FROM it. There is where most people start a life transformation from.

2) Inspiration. We can be so lit up by a possibility for our future that we RUN TOWARDS it with love and excitement.


One is temporary and one is permanent. When you are being chased by a bear, you stop running when the bear stops chasing you. We get back to our regularly scheduled programming from before we were running.

But, when we are persuading something we love ❤️ we don’t just want to get there, we want to stay there. This is where real change happens.


Too many women, especially those of us in our 30’s/40’s, we start programs because we are running from a present or future that terries us. AND to make it worse we carry all the old baggage of every failed diet and we live in all this prof that we can’t do it anyways but we will go ahead and try it one. more. time. Sigh….

Ever been there? There now?


You cannot get a new life doing what you’ve always done. Nor can you become a new you simply be running away from old/current you.

Did you know there’s another way?


Life is a Contact Sport. Win.


The Truth- The weight of the world.

Such true and simple words. Yet, a complex concept to grasp as it’s happening. 
When the world feels heavy it takes a keen sense of self to be able to stop and separate the thoughts we are thinking from basic “what’s actually happening.” 
It is not the world that weighs you down, it is the beliefs and meanings and interpretations you have created about the world that weigh you down. 
There is not a single case where 100% of human experience agrees on one interpretation of reality. Therefor, what we experience is not TRUTH. It is a choice based on what we believe. And beliefs are simply chronically thought thoughts. And chronically though thoughts are simply singular thoughts we think habitually. 
Once you get that. 
Once you really get that what you experience is just made up, you have a choice to choose a different set of thoughts. A different reality. 
The question is, are you so attached to, and identified as, the thoughts and beliefs you’ve been living by that you’re unwilling to let go of your Ego and think new thoughts, to become something else, to choose a new world to experience. It really is 100% up to you.
….or at least in my reality it is.

And the world keeps spinning 

You lose a game…and the world keeps spinning

You find your true love…and the world keeps spinning

You crash you your car…and the world keeps spinning

You get a promotion…and the world keeps spinning

As amazing or as hard as life can be, the world just keeps spinning on. Your victories,problems and challenges are not as grand or life altering as you think.
Take a breath, pause a moment, and persist. Nothing is permanent.

Brain power

The speed at which we get what you want from life is more about how quickly do we let go of the old thoughts and begin addressing the new thoughts, and it works for you and against you, depending upon what you are giving your attention to.

Think carefully my friends.  

You are more powerful than you realize.

Sucking at Stuff: The Key to freedom and happiness.

“Did you just fall?”

“No, I attacked the floor. “


“Yes, I’m freaking talented!”

You guys, I currently suck at a lot of stuff:

  • handstands
  • pull ups
  • speaking softly
  • driving (Krissy KRASH #duh)
  • monkey bars
  • writing legibly

In the past I sucked at a lot of other things:

  • roller skating backwards (and forwards)
  • public speaking
  • running more than a mile
  • double-unders (I still kind of suck at these but not quite enough to move them to the other list)
  • jumping 7 foot walls
  • walking and talking…you know….as a baby 🙂

Here is the difference between me and a lot of people who will never stop sucking at stuff: they take sucking personally.

Dude, you cannot take sucking personally.

PRO TIP: Sucking at anything means absolutely nothing about your character or worthiness to be alive.

Most of us try something, suck at it, and then instantly make it mean a million things about ourselves and how destitute for failure we are.

Not me though. I am not sure when I let go of sucking at stuff and gave up making it a personal crisis, but I can tell you the freedom that comes from giving ZERO F*$%s about sucking at something is quite fantastic.


Once you stop taking sucking personally, you can try anything……and if it sucks, who cares? You can either try it again and maybe suck a little less, or simply drop it and go do other stuff with your personal self-worth still intact!I

In fact, I am 100% convinced that the key to our success with ANYTHING in life is to go out there and suck with reckless abandon. I mean get out there and suck with some serious commitment.

So go out this week and suck at all the things!

It means you are one step closer to being awesome at it.