The Truth- The weight of the world.

Such true and simple words. Yet, a complex concept to grasp as it’s happening. 
When the world feels heavy it takes a keen sense of self to be able to stop and separate the thoughts we are thinking from basic “what’s actually happening.” 
It is not the world that weighs you down, it is the beliefs and meanings and interpretations you have created about the world that weigh you down. 
There is not a single case where 100% of human experience agrees on one interpretation of reality. Therefor, what we experience is not TRUTH. It is a choice based on what we believe. And beliefs are simply chronically thought thoughts. And chronically though thoughts are simply singular thoughts we think habitually. 
Once you get that. 
Once you really get that what you experience is just made up, you have a choice to choose a different set of thoughts. A different reality. 
The question is, are you so attached to, and identified as, the thoughts and beliefs you’ve been living by that you’re unwilling to let go of your Ego and think new thoughts, to become something else, to choose a new world to experience. It really is 100% up to you.
….or at least in my reality it is.


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