13 ways to change your life

1. Get uncomfortable

Doing things outside your comfort zone is the fastest way to change your life. What is known and what is familiar will not help you grow and will often simply give your more of the same. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

2. Pick a new path

The best part about being a human and not an animal is that we can choose a new direction. You are not goose. You do NOT have to fly south every winter. If you don’t like the direction you are going, change it. If you don’t like your job, change it. If you don’t like your social circle, change it. If you don’t like your current level of fitness change it. Becuase there is exactly ONE person who can change your life. YOU.

3. Say “I’m sorry”

An apology is the fastest road to moving forward. Some times we have to apologize to ourselves for missteps in the past. Once we say “I’m sorry” it is time to LET IT GO and move on. Sometimes we have to say “I’m sorry” to people in our lives, even if they did stuff they should be sorry for too. One sure fire way to heal a relationship is to find something to take responsibility for WITHOUT ending the apology with “but you did_____ too.”

4. Up level your goals

I am telling you right now, your goals aren’t big enough. Not for YOU. Not for the life you were meant to lead. If you really want your life to change it is time to start expecting and demanding more from yourself.

5. Be your own #1 fan.

The world can only love you as much as you love yourself. One of the hardest things in the world is to love ourselves right now. Especially after we just unleveled our goals and set new standards for ourselves. But if you can’t love yourself now, you won’t be able to love yourself later. So apologize to yourself for not loving you enough before and move on into a blissful world of self love. It starts by high fiving yourself for taking the time to read this list of 13 things today. Go you!

6. Strive for strength over ease

There is little value in attaining attainable things. 100lbs is not light the first time you pick it up but it gets lighter the more frequently you lift. 100lbs did not start to weigh less. You just BECAME MORE. If something feels too hard, it is NOT because it is TOO HARD> it is because its time for you to GET STRONGER. Don’t join an easy crowd, you won’t grow.

7. Value your 168 hours

We all have the same number of hours in every week. Value them. Spend them with the people that are important to you. Turn off your phone, shut down your social media for a little while and BE with people. Prioritize your life. YOU are the one in charge of these 168 hours. If you are “busy” thats your choice. If you don’t like it go re-read #2

8. Don’t get “forever” faked out

You don’t have forever. You have a limited number of rotations of the earth around the sun before you permanently check out of this thing called “life.” If you only see your family once per year, then you only have maybe 60 more times that you will see your family. Make them count. If you only go on vacation every summer for two weeks, that is maybe 120 weeks of vacation you have left EVER. Enjoy wisely and intentionally and if thats not enough time, see #7.

9. Play full out

Every day CAN be your best day ever. You CAN be the best person for your job. You CAN give it everything you’ve got at each practice or workout or presentation or story time. Be someone who gives it their all every single time and see how quickly that can change your life. Promotions and slots on the all star team do not belong to people who just show up. Yes, 80% of success is just showing up. But 100% of greatness is playing full out.

10. Rethink what you put in

Become aware of what you feed yourself. Negative media is not food for the brain. Soda and snickers are not food for the body. Music with disempowering lyrics is not food for the soul. You wouldn’t let someone piss in your drinking water so why would you choose to dump junk in you your mind and body?

11. Call yourself out

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. It is easy to turn a blind eye or find an easy excuse for why you were late or flaked or didn’t follow through. Blaming others, blaming circumstances, blaming anyone but ourselves is EASY. Owning up to our own lack of integrity is hard. Life change rarely comes from letting yourself off the hook.

12. Embrace commitment

Do it because you said you would, not because you still happen to feel like it. Declarations are one of the fastest paths to changing your life. So stop fighting it like a 4 year old who needs a nap. Put your big kid pants on and finish what you started. Feel free to revisit #11 and #6 frequently for this one.

13. Leave it better than you found it (fight the good fight.)

If you are going to be here on this planet for the next few years, you might as well contribute to it. Work for a company with a good cause. Promise to smile at everyone you walk past. Love people more than you hate them. Choose joy over contempt. Be part of the elevation of man kind, not the ruin of it.


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