Almost 6 years ago I met Mark Addy in a tiny office in downtown culver city. I came in to learn more about Herbalife and health coaching wearing jeans and a hoodie with one completely bloodshot eye from a #rollerderby tournament the weekend before. I showed up because I was sick of working 3 jobs and I was looking for something more. In the middle of a room full of people in suits and ties he took a chance on this roller derby girl and substitute teacher. He saw greatness in me that I never knew existed. Mark and his amazing wife Jill have mentored me through the ups and downs of learning to become an entrepreneur, showed me how to lead an ever evolving life of personal development and self growth, and how to turn my dream life into my real life. I now run several successful businesses in herbalife, fitness, and (coming soon) social media technology. You never know when or how or who you will meet that will alter the direction of your life forever. I can only hope to take this gift that they have given me and give it away to someone else, to help someone else from darkness to light, so that one day they look back on the last half a decade and say “I did it because you believed in me and have me the courage to go after it.”



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