365 days ago

One year ago today I ran my first @spartanrace with a few of my favorite people. I 100% fell in love with the challenge, the community, the mindset, and the values behind the spartan race. I got a taste and I got addicted. In the last 365 days, together with a few amazing friends, we have created a beautiful community in #longbeach that stands for these same values and lifts eachother up to push beyond our comfort zones. Last year four of us raced. This year 29 of us took the course. Each of those 29 people had their own story of preparation and doubt and strength that got them on that course today. 365 days after falling in love with #OCR I earned a trifecta alongside my best friends. When we place people inside an opportunity to see themes selves as greater than they already are in a way that allows them to honor and love themselves along the way to their own personal growth we become a catalyst for positive change. The friendships that have grown out of our creation of #fitlifelongbeach are more valuable to me than any medal. This trifecta marks the beginning of so many more life changing adventures with my best friends and family. You guys make us great. You made Fitlife a reality. Thank you for believing in us and thank you for saying yes to a journey into a muddy cold unknown adventure.












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