Wow. It just hit me. 2 #Spartanssuper races Saturday. Elite heat in the AM (goal top 20!) followed by team heat in the afternoon. 8.9 miles and 31 obstacles for each race. Sunday 1 or 2 of the 4.5 mile and 21 obstacle #spartansprint races depending on if I feel like I can compete Sunday AM I will for sure race with all 29 of our #fitlifelongbeach race team and may or may not race the elite hear before hand. This is a big weekend. 27.8 miles and 108 obstacles if all goes as planned. Plus earning my first ever #spartantrifecta that eluded me in 2014.
The best part is that I get to share this whole experice with my amazing FitLife friends. We have trained hard and stayed focused. Most of our team couldn’t have imagined running any kind of race just 90 days ago and this weekend we embark on our own personal journeys to push beyond our limits. Am I nervous? Yup. Will it hurt? Hell yes. But is it worth it? Most definitly.

Shits about to get real.



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