You got this

Our minds are constantly running. These meaning making machines in our skulls dictate what’s real to us. Joy, sadness, possibility, despair are all simply impulses created in our brains. We take in data, we interpret it, and in a instant we make it mean things about us, the people around us, about life based on things that have happened in the past because that’s all we have as proof. It’s no wonder habits are hard to break. You’ve failed at breaking them in the past. And you seek out, subconsciously, proof that what you failed at before you’ll fail at again. So it’s safer to not even try. You fall once on the track trying something new so clearly you just aren’t cut out for this sport. You forget to eat one meal on your meal plan so clearly, according to your logical brain, you should give up on your goals. This is how our sneaky meaning making machine of a brain works. It takes work to stretch for what’s possible, for what doesn’t yet exist. It takes courage to get up one more time and take a stand for what isn’t yet a reality. But the pain of fighting past your doubting brain is far less than the regret all those years from now if you hadn’t tried at all. Joy comes only after we unattach ourselves from the outcome and live inside gratitude for what’s so while perusing what’s possible. So, don’t stop. Do it one more time. Even if just for today, decide not to quit. You got this. I see you. We see you. You matter. Keep going.


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