Seeing people build confidence is one of the most fulfilling opportunities in the world. To watch someone achieve things they never though possible is a beautiful experience. I was asked if I would still do what I do if I were never to earn a penny doing it again and my answer is 100% yes. I adore coaching people. Life coaching, nutrition coaching, fitness coaching, roller derby coaching, obstacle race coaching.

When someone trusts me enough to allow me to ask the hard questions, offer different perspectives, and push that person to stretch what they believe is possible I am honored to step up to the task. Over the last five years I’ve worked with countless athletes who have been willing to be coached through the self doubt, pain, and victory of overcoming roadblocks to meet their goals. Because how we do anything is how we do everything, often times I’ll start working with an athlete on cross training and we find that her biggest road block is actually time management. Or perhaps we begin by focusing on nutrition and we uncover that her mindset not her refrigerator is what is haunting her progress.

I’ve been playing around with some new ideas of how can I reach more people? How can I create a deeper impact in the world? How can I better become a connector for others to meet, grow, and support eachother in reaching their goals? My coach suggested that I start doing seminars and public speaking to create a platform for inspiration and to share skills that I have learned through my own journey and used with my clients to create success. I though about past speaking opportunities I’ve had at boot camps and conventions and I realized that there have been women in these seminars who weeks, months, years later have said “thank you, because of what I learned and applied from your class I have developed a working life schedule/gotten stronger/found love for myself/created a stronger relationship with my family/lost 30lbs/rostered on my all-star team” and these are just a few. So I started wondering how can I create the same atmosphere and opportunity for life change without having to travel all over the country all the time? And of course if you ask quality questions eventually you come up with quality answers.

After asking all these questions I came up with a great idea. I will be conducting my first ever (and maybe last ever lol so don’t miss out) online version of Beast Mode Activated: Creating a life you love! I am limiting the number of people who can attend so that we can build quality relationships and really support each other in getting exactly what we came to get.

So if you’re seeking something, if you’re looking for that missing piece, let’s explore it together and I’ll share with you the skills and lessons I’ve learned to become an all start athlete in sports, business, and life. Get all the details and reserve a spot here!


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