A rant.

The processed food industry. I mean it would be one thing if they were like “hey we know this is crap, you probably shouldn’t eat it. It likely will cause type 2 diabetes in your 7 year old child.” But no. This industry has a blatant disregard from human health. They doctor up boxes and formulate products to be as addicting to the brain as drugs. At one point in my life I’ve literally laid on my floor in a fetal position crying because I removed sugar from my diet and I was craving it so badly that I felt insane. Guys, no one cries on the floor for broccoli.

These companies, many of them taken over by the same huge corporations that owns big tobacco, are looking for the next way to hook us, the next crave-able product. They convince us that it’s our right to eat this stuff, that if we don’t we are depriving ourselves of what we really want and that everyone should have anything they crave because otherwise why is life worth living? Then they make more foods with more salt, sugar, and fat so our brain craves them even more and then we think we really must want them because clearly everything our brain tells us must be the truth. So we eat it. And eat more of it and more of it.

This is not about vanity, this is not about abs, this is not about fad diets and weight loss. This is about public fucking health. This is about marketing pop tarts as low fat and calcium fortified to fool under educated parents into buying them for breakfast. This is about poisoning our country. This is about “juice” only having to contain one tablespoon, ONE TABLESPOON, of real juice concentrate per serving to be called juice. Ya know what the rest is? Sugar. Fucking sugar. These companies don’t care about you. They care about your money. They care about how many more types of Oreos can we create so you go home with two boxes instead of one.

Wake up people. Stop thinking that craving something means you should eat it. Get honestly educated and start making choices for you and your families because it has to start with us. It has to start now. Our children are sick and we are killing them.


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