What’s possible?

When we were kids anything was possible. We made up games, imaginary friends, and silly scenarios. We just made stuff up and it was ok. It was fun, it wasn’t weird, it was magical. “Ok you be the police man and I’ll be the tyrannosaurs rex that pushed over the grocery store.” Boom, game on.

But as life goes on we get stuck in boxes. Most of them just as fabricated as the silly stories we made up as kids. “Ok I’m going to create a business out of my passion and be able to leave my life suck job” seems far more outlandish than the police man/dinosaur story. But the difference is most people won’t even dare to dream it. Creating possibility became scary to us. So it’s safer to suck it up and live like a life less than our dreams is ok. We settle. Well, most of us. Some people learn to dream again. They make stuff up and then make it happen. It’s not easy and sometimes it’s not fun. But it’s easier and more fun than an entire life inside a box smacking our heads against a desk.

Choose the scary stuff. Choose the uncertain stuff. Choose the things that light you up.


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