Live your legend

I love LiveYourLegend.Net and Scott Dinsmore. I’ve been flowing this amazing guy for years and he’s started a start a blog challenge. So, seeing as how I already have a blog, why not use it to start something magical?

For those new to my blog, I’m Kristen Adolfi, more widely known to the world (which is still really odd to me) as Krissy Krash. I’m a former preschool teacher turned roller derby addict, adventure junkie, fitness freak and nutrition nerd.
Originally I started this blog 5 years ago as a way to share about my journey through fitness and nutrition. It’s evolved into a platform for me to share, educate, inspire and empower others to uncover the greatness inside of them as I share this same kind of discovery inside myself. Intermixed in all that amazingness are my adventures in roller derby, obstacle racing, travel, plus nutrition and fitness tidbits.

In starting this bad boy back up I’m committed to strengthening the muscle of creation daily, go on a wee vision quest of self discovery, and start a whole new era of awesomeness.


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