You need to get your eyebrows done

I went to lunch with my amazing, sweet, wonderful friends Genny today. We were talking about life and how weird the world of dating is and how man and women seem to want entirely different things in the process of getting to know someone and dating them. We were having the typical early 30’s single girl conversation of “is it REALLY this hard to find a rad guy who isnt just trying to get into your pants? And maybe one who has a car and a job and doesnt live with his mother? Like are we really asking so much?”

Anyways as we are finishing up lunch she says “Girl, you need to get those eyebrows done.” Immediately in my head Im embarrassed. I am italian and I’ve got some serious eyebrows≥ I never think much of it because I pluck em from time to time and thats about it. Genny is completely gorgeous with some perfectly manicured eyebrows and a sweet of boobs and a bubbly personality to match. (DONT GET ME WRONG. I love me exactly as I am. There is no “oh I wish I was Genny rant going on here.) But really, with no make up and un done eyebrows she’s be just as pretty. So we continue our conversation about other things and I head home after lunch.

On the drive home I am suddenly hit with this though. “WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT MY EYEBROWS?” At what point in time did we decide that women have to be these perfectly manicured things. Then I start thinking of times over the last 5 months where the guy I was dating commented on me not wearing a dress on our first date. Or that he’s never dated a girl as “scruffy” as I am (code for I dont straighten my hair, wear make up, or get fancy). Or how, going out with some of my friends, they always have this perfect make up and cute outfits. I started thinking about all these little things we are supposed to do to be “pretty.” All this girly stuff that I honestly just dont understand. I wasnt brought up with it (or if I was I somehow blocked it out).

So here I am a 31 year old, non make-up wearing, non blowdrying, jeans wearing, fucking awesome and beautiful woman saying ‘I REFUSE.”
Im not going to do it. I wont. There is a snowballs chance in hell that I’m going to become one of these fancy women EVER. I would rather have a dog and a cat for the rest of my life.


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