GET UP!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes you gotta to decide to rise….Push. turn up the volume. infuse your sensitives with courage…and while you’re there just tell fear to fuck right the fuck off….decide to rise because superpowers are meant to be activated and used in everyday life…life wants you to win….lean in. Listen up. Choose. And decide to rise.”
I am loving Danielle Laporte right now! This woman speaks amazing words. We all have to decide to rise. Rising won’t happen by accident. There are times to sit back and relax and refill your spiritual cup and there are also times to smash through life. Make shit happen. Bend the universe. So do that today. Rise. Act. Push. Challenge. Not through make wrong. Not because of lack. Not to banish weakness. Rise for possibility. Rise you know you are@stronger than you give yourself credit for. Rise because that big, scary, aweful thing we fear called the future is nothing more than a purring pussy cat…FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real. Bottom line is whatever you fear, you’ve made up. Created in your head. Today chase your ghosts away and decide to rise.



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