100% mindset – how to develop yours

Your brain!!! It’s an amazing thing. It adapts and changes. New thoughts form new pathways. I just watched an epic Ted Talk about the growth mindset that was really interesting. As children we often hear “you did really well at that, you are smart” and as educators and parents we think we are raising self esteem in our children but research shows that children with this type of fixed mindset actually did worse of we time. Why? Because when they do poorly they decided “I did poorly I must be bad at this.”


What if we each took on “I’m learning” as a mindset. Failure, falling down, not doing as well as you wanted all simply mean you are growing towards your potential. It DOENST mean you ARE something. Allow yourself to live in a constant state of flow from one thing to the next. Allow yourself room to grow and learn. You are simply whatever you make up your mind to be. You get to choose.



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