Brain space


Thoughts dictate everything. What we think determines what we do. If you mind isn’t right your body will not follow. Do you have a goal right now? Is it already a done deal in you mind? If we keep jumping back and forth between “do it, don’t do it, maybe, ok, no, yes, well tomorrow, eh I don’t know” we will basicly walk around in circles. But as we start with our core briefs and what is possible for us, it’s easy to simply act out of those.

Being healthy is (now…it hasn’t always been) a core value of mine. It has grown over time. Now my actions are things that follow that core value. Eating well most of the time, enjoying indulgences without guilt occasionally, working out, feeding my mind positive messages daily.
If you say your value is one thing but your actions say something else, that’s ok. Just start to notice it. Humans do someday things unconsciously. We have to WAKEUP our ability to notice what we think, what we tell ourselves, what we do and why. This takes practice. What a perfect weekend to start! Notice who you are in the matter of the long weekend. Who do you spend time with? What do you do (and what reasons to do you have for doing it)? What justifications come up? How do you feel about people you are around? What stories do you have about them and their life? Just notice. It’s all a fun game really. That’s all life is….the game.


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