I quit smoking….using my words.

Character is nothing but the manifestation of thoughts, habits, and actions repeated over and over again.

Often we say “well I am just shy” or “just can’t stick to that” when in reality what we mean is “IN THE PAST I have been shy” or ” IN THE PAST I haven’t stuck to that“.

Anything we define as real about ourselves and who we are is changeable with new thought patterns, new actions, new ways of speaking. Not a runner? Try running every day for 90 days and all the while sayin “I am a runner. I am a runner.” Believe me, by the end of it you will believe you are a runner. You will BE a runner.
Not a healthy eater? When I started cleaning up my eating habits is say “I don’t eat that crap. I’m an athlete.” Try saying it and eat healthy for 90 days. By the end of it not only will you BE that healthy eater, but you will likely see some major physical changes that perhaps you have been seeing to find for a long time. You have become a healthy person by resetting your thought patters.

I used to smoke. Yep. Almost a pack a day. I remember when I quit when people offered me a cigarette I would say “oh no thanks I don’t smoke.” For a while it felt like I was lying to people but after a bit it felt like reality. It was reality! It became real. It wasn’t really real when I started but it became real.

You can do this with anything. You can speak it into reality. Thoughts dictate actions which dictate results. You can’t get results without thoughts and actions in line with them.



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