The Artist in You


My project from yesterday’s UNPLUG session.
I learn a lot about how i am in life by observing myself And my through process while make art. I worry about getting it wrong, I want it not to messy, I cleans up scraps as I go. I freeze when it comes to making permanent decisions to the piece… Then at some point I just relax and let go. I get into the creative flow. I feel light and excited and unattached to imperfections. I find a big smile on my face and I can work with ease. All of life is creation. All of life is art. I wonder if as you’re reading this you’re saying “oh I’m no good at art.” I wonder where else you’ve given up before every trying. Where could you go for something without being attached to whether you know how to do it well. Where else in our lives do we fuss and stress over the creation process of our day, our project, our sport, our children, our jobs? It’s all art. Notice today how you create. Make something simply for the sake of making it. Build your creative muscle. We all have it. Life is CREATION. You are an artist.
PS I am thinking of creating a new creation project of mirrors and things like this! If you feel like you’d need a little Krissy Kraft (lol) in your house please comment!


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