Temporary Defeat VS Failure


You did not fail! Failure is permanent. Failure is quitting. Drop the word from your vocabulary. Replace it with “I’ve been temporarily defeated.” TEMPORARILY defeated. Understand that failure is permanent. Failure is quitting. Failure is YOU deciding not to try any more. Les Brown says “if you can look up, you can get up!!”
SO GET UP! You did not fail. You are not a failure. Remove those words from your mouth and your mind forever. Any single moment in time is an opportunity to begin again. Temporary defeat is a gift. A GIFT! An opportunity to refine our approach. A chance to start fresh. Make today your very first day of your journey. You can do that. You get to choose. Simply decide.

The way we view our experiences, the words we use to describe people, events, etc shapes how we see them and ultimately, through language, we make our reality.

EXPERIMENT: Say out loud to yourself while looking in the mirror “I am a failure.” Notice how it makes you feel. Notice any heaviness or pain or pressure or other sensations in your body. Notice what it does to your energy. Now, shake it off, maybe jump up and down a few times, and look again at yourself. This time say “I am only temporarily defeated! I CAN do this!” And notice the difference. Notice how your body feels. Is it lighter? What else do you feel or not feel?

We create sensation through vibration and our vibration in the world is created by what we think and say. So simply choose to say and think thinks that make you feel better. You get to do that. You are 100% in charge and in control of your experience of your life. Enjoy the ride.


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