You control your thoughts, thoughts create reality, “reality” is simply the way you choose (whether you realize you are choosing it or not) to experience life. Nothing is real. Nothing.

“There is no human being now living, no human being has ever lived, and no human being ever will live with the right or the power to deprive another human being of the inborn privilege of free and independent thought. That privilege is the only one over which any human being can have absolute control.”
Excerpt From: Napoleon, Hill. “Outwitting the Devil.”

We literally become what we thing about. Have you ever seen a kid riding a bike and crash into something? You see them staring direction at the thing they DONT want to hit and they ride smack into it. We do this with life all the time. “I don’t want it. I don’t want it. I don’t want it.” Notice how often we think and talk about what we don’t want instead of “I want ____ and here is my plan to get it and here is the next smaller step I have to take to get it.”

We literally create our entire reality through our thoughts. quantum physics shows us that we are literally balls of energy. That is all.

Sometimes this stuff can feel a little outlandish. I know it did for me. But what if you tried it on. What if for one hour, one day, one month, one year, you decided that you had 100% control over your reality, your experience, and what you attract.
I can tell you personally, I find more parking spaces, more people to collaborate with, more “luck” now then I ever have in my entire life. So what if it’s true?

You are more powerful than you can ever even imagine.


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