All things.

ImageAll things in life start out as a possibility. Even us.


We are born into the world as a giant ball of possibility with every imaginable path laid before us. Then time chisels away at that great mass of what could be. Action by action, choice by choice, experience by experience our life is formed until, decades later, we are left with a single master piece. Our life.


Les Brown says “There is no such thing as a problem free life. You are either in a problem, just left one, or headed towards one.” Challenges create who we are. When we welcome them rather than run from them we create a life rather than simply let life create us.


I have really been spending some time lately on WHY AM I HERE? What was a put on this planet to do? I mean obviously I was put here to impact lives, play all of the roller derby, and soak up the sunshine. I just keep asking myself how can I do more? How can I make a bigger impact? How else can I help the world become better. Global health- mental, physical, spiritual. How do I, a single tiny invisible dot on the map keep on making a difference for more people. I dont think we need to have all the answers all the tome but in the asking we will draw the answers to us.


If we simply pay attention. If we pour our energy into not just our lives but the lives of those around us we can not only leave a masterpiece but we can also leave a legacy.



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