The target vs the shot

Most people fail not because they aim too high and miss but because they aim too low and hit. Many don’t aim at all.”
Les Brown


So what’s better? To set your sites on a target you KNOW you can accomplish or to point the arrow slightly higher at a sweeter prize but risk missing all together? There is no right answer I suppose but as an entrepreneur and an athlete I have learned that mediocrity is death. In business, if you don’t have something special your sunk. In roller derby, champions don’t say “well let’s just float along and hope to win first place. Both of these take blood, sweat, desire, and risk.

Risk aversion America is this place we have found ourselves where the uncertainty of the government, the economy, and our future makes 99% of people duck and cover and hope and pray it will all turn out ok. The other 1% steps out and takes the risk of failing but forages their own path through the ruckus. They sacrifice the (superficial) safety and security of average America to create their own future instead of hoping someone will save them a spot on the life raft. They create a vision of what they want and force it into existence.


Athletes start out as pros as much as most wealthy entrepreneurs started out wealthy. In sports and in business more often than not you start at the bottom and you grow into those championship shoes. Eleven months ago, ACDG Hollywood Scarlets sat down and we had a discussion as a team. “What do we want this year?” We had made it to playoffs in 2011 and 2012 at the mid to bottom of our region. So what about this year? What did we want from 2013? Playoffs? Yes. That was an easy answer. Championship? Well….that’s where it got interesting. Did we have the guts to take on a goal that we didn’t know we could accomplish? We, as a team and individuals, at that moment were not a championship team. BUT we asked ourselves “were we willing to take the next 10 months and become champions? Would we be willing to do the work, have the focus, suffer through the growing pains with out any promise that we would actually make it to champs?” We finally decided that, yes, we were ready.
After 10 months of 3 day a week practices, off skates workouts and practices that would sometimes leave us on the verge of tears, hours and hours of footage study, and commitment to eachother to bust our asses outside of practice, eat right, and take care of our bodies not just for ourselves but for eachother, for the team we found ourselves in the #1 seed for WFTDA playoffs a few weeks ago. Leaving that tournament with 3rd place medals around our neck and our ticket to championships in hand.

It was that road of hard work, focus, commitments, and risk of losing it all that got us there.

Everything we want in life is outside our comfort zone. It is not the acquiring of those things that makes life worth living, it is the people we must become along the way.



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