Time Flies!

HOW THE EFFF have i not blogged since MAY?????

I have a weekly to do list of stuff I am supposed to do…well…weekly and blogging is one of those things. Its amazing how “oh Ill do it next week” turns into holy crap where did 90 days go!


So here is what I’ve ben up to since then (in no particular order) click each one for photos!

My amazing girlfriend moved in

My wonderful league Angel City Derby Girls got into WFTDA divisional playoffs in Virginia which we will play in September

I took my dog Meat paddle boarding

I worked out a lot

I totaled my car (well not me, but the person who drove into the front of my car did) and then got a new one

I jammed at rollercon

I ate a lot of meat 

I posted a bunch of inspirational stuff

I lost 15lbs 


And a bunch of other stuff I cant think of right now. More posts to come soon! I promise!



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