What a heavy word. What you believe is what shapes your entire way of experiencing the world. What you believe actually creates your reality. So many times we feel like things are immovable, concrete. We believe they are unchangeable and it is that belief that either chains us to our lives or liberates us. I personally believe that you can have anything you want in life. ANYTHING. Not in a magical, snap you fingers kind of way but in that if you REALLY WANT SOMETHING, you can find a way to make it happen. We see miracles or stories of great success all the time and it all comes down to belief.

And action.

Once you believe something is possible you open up the doors to create steps to make it a reality. This throws a lot of people off, I think. If I say, “I believe you can have anything you want in life.” And they say “I want a million dollars.” Or “I want to own an island.” Or any other thing they BELIEVE is impossible. My next question would be “Ok, whats the first step we need to take to make that a realty?” and just like that, you are on the road to making what ever you want real. Now, what most people find is once they start to lay out those steps, they didnt really want that thing they said they wanted BAD ENOUGH to actually do the work necessary to make it happen. And the belief that many people will come up with as a result is “That is impossible.” When the reality is “I dont want to work for it.”


How many times do we say “I just dont have enough time.” This is a belief most people have, its a not a reality, its a belief. It is not a reality that there is a shortage of time. This belief takes all the control out of your hands and creates the immovable belief that we cant have all the things we want.

I love what Laura Vanderkam says in the book “168 Hours.” She says to replace “I dont have time for that” with “That is not a priority.” This helps us understand that it is not that more successful, more relaxed, or more seemingly satisfied people have MORE time…we all have 24 hours. But that we place certain things as a priority over others.

Lots of people, again, find this kid of offensive because time appears in ones life as immovable. “Well I WOULD do all those things i want if my job didnt take up so much time.” Go find a new job. Its an option. Most people wont do it. Why? Because staying where they are and having the “security” that they have now is more of a priority than doing something scary and taking a risk or even taking a look.  So they BELIEVE it is impossible and live their life like they are stuck. But what if instead we ask “how could I do my job in less time and from home?” or “what else could i take a look at doing that would give me more freedom?”

Want to get better at derby? Or get in shape? Get up 1 hour early 3 days a week and workout. Most people wont take it on because that extra hour of sleep is a PRIORITY over getting in shape. Its not that they CANT its just that they dont want it bad enough.

The fact is, most people are where they are because they BELIEVE they are stuck.

Not because they ARE stuck.

“When the why gets big enough, the how gets easy.” Jim Rohn




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  1. dirtyrawkstar

    I’m reading this book right now (on your suggestion), just got past that part last night actually, and I’m only a little of of the ways through it but I absolutely love it so far. I’m so excited to see where analyzing my time and prioritizing things gets me. Thank you!

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