The universe hates you?

Who is murphy? Dont worry about it, you will know when he visits you.

Murphys law says that when things are going well you will inevitably be slapped in the face by the universe. Dont worry about it. Its just the powers that be seeing how badly you want something. 98% of people fail in life because they hit their first road block and quit. “Its not meant to be.” Bull shit. You just aren’t willing to fight for what you want. OR you don’t want it as bad as you said you did.

Les Brown says “Life is a fight for territory. Once you start fighting for what you want, what you don’t want automatically shows up.”

So now you know the secret. Shit is going to happen. Don’t take it as a sign you shouldn’t go after what you want, take it as a sign that you are going in the right direction! If there is no contrast in life then you are simply floating down the river. But when the water is splashing in your face and you are paddling your ass off against rapids and rocks then, my friend, you are fighting you way to greatness.

Fight, dont float.




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