Don’t f&*$ it up!

lifehasHow often do we operate from fear of failure. Les Brown says “many people fail in life not because they aim to high and miss but because they aim too low and hit. In fact, many don’t aim at all.”

Les-Brown-Quotes-3What have you been thinking about doing but you are too afraid of failing to even start? When working with people on health goals or on launching their business or on getting started in derby most people quit before they even give themselves a chance to succeed. We create these expectations of failure and then we live like the stuff we made up is true!

529160_10201007454375412_2070118673_nSo I just got a dog. His name is MEAT and he is ADORABLE!!  He may be the cutest dog ever in existence. (hang on I am going some where with this I swear.) I have been thinking about getting a dog for about 6 months or so and everytime I bring it up the people in my life say “Dude you cant get a dog, you travel too much! You are so busy! How will you ever take care of it?’  And you know what? I listened to them. I bought their story. I was afraid I would f*&$ it up. Clearly if everyone in my life thinks I will then it must be fact right?

524158_10201008694846423_70531165_nEnter BTrain. My bestie (or beastie now that she’s started crossfit) Bethany, AKA BTrain has gotten this wild hair up her ass about getting another dog and went on and on about it for a few weeks until she turned her efforts on me. “Dude you should get a dog. You will love it! You can totally do it! You will be an amazing dog owner!”  And as she said this I hear coming out of my mouth all of the words that other people had put in my head “I dont know dude, I travel a lot. I am busy.” Things I didnt really believe until other people told them to me and I accepted them as fact. But what happened was this. Her words started getting in my head and I got to switch my thinking around. I realized that everything other people told me was simply their opinion. Les Brown says “Someones opinion of you should never determine your relity. Never let someone tell you what you can or cant do, especially if they havent done it.”

150424_10201019825404680_731380625_nSo I said F%$# it and went to the LASBCA and found the most adorable little pup and I am so in love. I was TERRIFIED when I left the place holding this dog wrapped in a towel because I was afraid it was gonna pee on me like a baby boy getting his diaper changed. Driving home I thought “oh crap what have I done? How can I take care of this little guy. Now I am responsible. What if I break him or squish him or or or” And you know what? I have taken on a lot  of challenges in life and in the end you never know what you can or can’t do unless you try. And I am so thankful that BTrain started putting those thoughts into my head because now I have the best little friend in the whole world snuggled in my lap asleep right now and I couldnt be happier.

506-Brown-thumbnailWhat have you wanted to do that someone has told you you can’t? Have you ever aimed high and had someone tell you it was impossible before you could even try? Well then let me be your BTrain. Let me be the little voice that tells you that YOU CAN DO IT! I am here to give you permission to try. Surround yourself with people that believe in you and the things that your want for yourself in life because life is to brief and too full of possibility to sell yourself short.


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