The answer to every problem ever.

Dear World,

We will never have a problem free life. Boom. There it is. The secret revealed. There will always be obstacles, road blacks, seemingly insurmonouable odds. Thats just the way it is. The challenge is not to find a way to get rid of problems. the challenge is how to become a person who is bigger than those problems.

When we were a little kids and you wanted a toy from the store, I am sure at one point in all our lives we stomped our feet, yelled, cried, screamed, and made a scene in the middle of Wal Mart. Now, as a grown adult I am pretty sure that about 99.9% of us no longer do this. Is it because we no long want stuff? Nope. So what happened?

We get bigger. Our problems stayed the same size. We just got bigger.

The same is true for all experiences in life. Through working on ourselves, through listening to great speakers and reading books and going to seminars it is possible to become bigger than our problems, no matter how HUGE they may seem right now. In fact, eventually we will even lose the word problem as a part of our vocabulary. Because problems aren’t really problems. They are simply occurrences that our brain decides are problems. They are just “whats so” and as we continue to grow as people we can choose to make “whats so” mean whatever we want. We can choose to make it negative, make it a problem, make it a life crushing event. Or we can choose to say “ok world, I will get better. I will become more. Because clearly, by you putting this in my path you are telling me I am playing small and that I am capable of more.” And since the universe will never give us more that we are able to take on, we know that where ever we are when challenges arise is perfect and an opportunity to grow.

difference9 minutes of growth http:// you will either watch it or you wont. But if you do, if each of us take on a little positivity like this every day, our problems will become small because we will be bigger and person by person we will change the world. Because if not you? Who? If not now? When?






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