The High Five Heard Around The World

62444_10200810966863347_746719552_n“What do you come with that you showed up to bring?” -Les Brown

We all have something to offer this earth. We were all put on this planet for a reason and whether you have found out what yours is yet or not, don’t worry. Why not start searching for it now? Jim Rohn says “Finding is reserved for those who search.” If you seek you shall find. By starting an inquiry we allow the universe to start sending us signs. But, if we walk around blind folded buy small things or buried nose deep in our iphones, we will miss it. Ask questions of yourself, of the world. The goal on this planet is not just to survive life, it is to fully live it. What would a fully lived life look like to you? (please share in the comments!)

529914_10200825378183621_1106617782_nI started asking myself this question and what I came up with was


My fully lived life includes excitement, passion, love, freedom of time and full self expression. My days are my own to make what I want. I am surrounded by people who lift me up not pull me down. I am a clearing for other people to realize and step into their own greatness. I am making a positive impact on the people I make contact with and as a result we elevate the positivity of the planet.

Yes, the planet. I am out for global transformation. To improve human existence. Many of you are probably like “ummm ok…now Krissy’s gone off the deep end.” But here is the deal. If I dont start to change it who will? If you dont start to ask how can I be of service to the rest of the world who will? What if every single person on the planet tried to be 1% better, kinder, more giving, compassionate, healthier, friendlier? 1% thats all. It would be global transformation. And it starts with you, the person reading this right now. So, right now, turn to who ever is near you, smile at them and give them a high five. When they ask, “what was that for?” Just tell them you are just doing your part to make the world 1% more awesome and that if they want to help they can pass it on to someone else and share in the mission…. But it is up to you. You will either high five or you wont. You will either make things better or you will just be in the way. So choose and choose powerfully because you are ALWAYS going to be a contribution to the Earth be it a positive or a negative one. (You can also high five by sharing this blog!)


63207_10200844065490792_153505843_nI just got my body fat tested and all my discipline and focus on my nutrition program is paying off! I went from 23% to 20.5% body fat in ONE MONTH! Down 5.8 pounds of fat and added 3.1 lbs of muscle! I love my nutrition and fitness program! If you are ready for transformation, I mean really ready then hit me up and I can help 481228_10200855338572612_581248967_nyou do it too! I am not done yet though! I wont stop till I get that six pack! I figure I am about 4% body fat away from it! That means just 2 more months of what I have already been doing and BAM! ABS!



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