Do Violence

imagesWhat game are you playing? How big are you playing? Are you surviving life or are you owning it?

Last night at my Living Powerfully Seminar I really got how easy it is to just survive life, to get by. To make a schedule, follow it through, go to bed and wake up to do that again. But what kid of game are we a really playing? I know I got a huge slap in the face when I realized the game I have been playing is called “help a few people get healthy, set a schedule, follow it, eat healthy, and workout.” This is surviving life. We are so much bigger than we give ourselves credit for. We have got to do violence to the complacency that is our lives.

We are SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than we even begin to realize. Sometimes we get glimpses of what it feels liek ot make an impact, to work for something bigger than oursleves. Isn’t that why many of us have latched on to Roller Derby? To be a part of the movement? The community? To contribute? To be significant? But then we fall into the day to day drum of: go to work, go to practice, go to bed, repeat. We lose sight of WHY we started playing this game. We lose sight of the fire, the thrill of being a part of a women’s movement that will literally change the lives of hundreds of thousands of women for generations to come. But it wont come if we don’t step up. It wont come if we don’t promise to make every day, every practice, every moment on the track our best.



Lets not survive in this sport, lets blow the doors off this bitch.



I ran a mile today in 7:57 seconds which is down from 8:54 seconds a few weeks ago! CRUSHED IT!!!! Getting 1% better every day! Its not about Perfection its about Progress. Dont get your P’s mixed up!




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