Want progress? Get out of your comfort zone!

Hello Healthy Bodies!

Happy Monday!
What a weekend! My roller derby team, the Hollywood Scarlets, had 2 amazing games this weekend! It was so exciting to the our team work so hard and have it pay off in such a big way. I personally felt amazing during and after both games! I know all the training and nutrition is paying off big time. I love our herbalife 24 line!
As always, this email is designed to help keep you on track and continuing down the path towards your goals. It dosent matter if you’ve been at it for a while, are just getting started, or if you are reading this and thinking its time to get back to being healthy. Where ever you are, I’ve got your back! Anything kept up over time requires effort and that includes staying healthy! Follow my daily journey of being a female, athlete, superhero 🙂

Please send me an email Krissy.Healthandwellness@gmail.com with the following:

1. Your food log from last week (if you didnt do one, lets get you going!)
2. One Success from lest week
3. One thing you are focusing on for this week
4. What can I do to support you this week?
5. What is a good day or time for a quick check in this week (you can also put “I’m good, no check in needed!”)

**** PLEASE NOTE I will not stalk you and MAKE you stay on track. BUT I am always here to play tennis with you. I hit you the ball (send you the weekly email) you hit the ball back (respond with your update and a time to chat that week if needed) and I will hit it back to you (here i am ready to support you)!****

What I’m Eating This Week
1 bag tysons frozen ready to cook chicken tenters. 1 Jar mole. 1/2 cup BBQ sauce. Add chicken to crock pot, dump mole and bbq sauce on top. Cook for 4 hours on high!
Groceries for the whole week=$35. Boom.

This is more than enough for my meals this week. I also bought precooked brown rice and cans of black beans as well as broccoli, high fiber low carb tortillas and greek yogurt.
My days go like this:
Breakfast – Formula 1, prolessa, and PDM
Post workout- Rebuild strength shake
Snack- greek yogurt with bev mix and a high fiber low carb tortilla
Lunch- brown rice, beans, chicken mole, tortilla
snack- same as am
dinner- Formula 1 and PDM

Tablets 3 times a day: formula  multi, cell activator, joint support, garden 7, herbalifeline, cell u loss, thermobond

Herbal tea concentrate and aloe all day

I am on a mission to drop some body fat and build more muscle. Join me on my journey and lets do it together! if you want me to map out a lean out program for you I am glad to!
Your Comfort Zone

Did you know that everything you want is right outside your comfort zone? Have you ever started something new and it just felt hard? But as you kept doing it, it became easier and easier. This, my friends, is called progress. It happened when you start a new nutrition program. It happens when you start a new workout regimen. You have to step outside what is comfortable to get a new result! You can either have results or you can have reason. Choose!

Move of the Week

Intervals- Get out there and move. 20 minutes of 1 min sprint/1 min rest. DO it on your skates, a tread mill, an elliptical, a stair climber in your running shoes, on a bike. JUST GET OUT THERE AND GET THAT CARDIO GOING! It burns fat, increases mood and metabolism!

Quote of the Week!


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