Today we did a killer Workout and after the three of us said “ummm more please!” So Rosario put us through another 30 minutes of agility ladders and burpie ball slam hell. It was glorious.

I could feel the difference in my strength this weekend. Crossfit and my nutrition program are literally making me unstoppable. I was behind a wall of Bay Area on Sunday and pushing them forward determined not to be goated. I could feel the difference in my power. It was unreal. Commitment, pain, sacrifice. It was all worth it for that moment.


Annnnd we did measurements today and i am officially down 3 inches around my waist and 3 around my hips! AND I did that without losing ANY mass. Meaning I am trading pounds of fat for pounds of muscle. Translation: just try and move my solid ass on the track! #dominate2013

Food today:

8:30-am Breakfast -Prepare and F1 sport
10:30am Post workout- Rebuild strength
Noon Lunch- 2 eggs 2 Italian sausage cabbage peppers and opinions
3pm Snack-4 hard boiled eggs and veggies
6pm Dinner- f1 sport, 4 scoops bev mix, apple fiber
7pm Hlf24 Prepare right before 2 hour endurance practice
9:30pm rebuild strength
11pm meat!

Lunch today! Soooo good!



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