We are capable of more than we even could imagine. Sometimes we don’t know that we don’t know that we are standing in our own way. We don’t realize that we are already doing the things we think we are least capable of. I have had this story about my life that I can do anything for two weeks. I can stay committed to any business plan, diet, house cleaning routine, whatever for two weeks but thats it. I’ve concluded over the course of my life that I can stick to something for more than two weeks. Even in dating, I figure if they can make it past two weeks, they have an actual shot at being “the one.” I honestly thought that I was incapable of doing things for more than two weeks.

Tonight I was at this seminar and we were talking about what it means to be an extraordinary person. That to be extraordinary you have commitments and then clear results that show the fulfillment of those commitments. What I really got from this conversation was that I am extraordinary in a lot of ways. There are many things that I do everyday, without question. I realized that I do them because I am SO committed my business or roller derby, as two examples, that I wouldn’t even think about skipping a client follow up call or not going to crossfit. Because in the deepest core of my body I am 100% committed to helping people get healthy and kicking major ass on the track.

I realized that 1)I am capable of doing things for more than 2 weeks at a time (e.g. calling a client every week or hitting the gym twice a day) and 2) That maybe there are things in life that I would “like” to be/do/have but that I am not COMMITTED to being/doing/having them and if I were to decide that I am committed to playing full out in these areas instead of letting my future be dictated by my past actions that I could kick sss in a whole lot more areas of my life.  So here is the catch. Its not about making ourselves wrong for not actually being committed to something. Its about just recognizing whats so. I think this is why many of our new years resolutions fail. We set them because we feel like we “should” lose a little weight or we “should” call our siblings more but deep down we are not truly committed. And thats ok. The suffering we feel is not from our lack of commitment, its from our making ourselves wrong about our lack of commitment.

This leaves us with two options 1) change our declaration about what we are committed to OR 2) play full out and actually commit to not living life half assed. Find our WHY and our drive behind what we want and when we start feeling a little out of integrity, remind ourselves of the core belief and value we are fulfilling.


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