Life is art


Art, sculpting, working on a project, making life decisions. We are often so afraid one move will mess it up, ruin it. But art is about risk, it’s about defying and breaking the rules. It’s about the experience of creating something from nothing. Seth Godin says everything is art.Love is art. Roller Derby is art. Crossfit is art. Our businesses, our relationships, children are art. What if we attacked everything like it was ceramics class. What is went through life with playful excitement, with fearlessness because the worst thing that could happen is you get a lopsided clay mug.


Because really, whats the worst that could happen. I mean really? You fail? You mess up? Someone says “I told you so”? YOU say “I told you so?” Life is nothing but a series of decisions and paths. There is no right or wrong, there is just life. Just art.

At derby tonight I got to thinking about how rad Roller Derby is. How amazing this sport is. To hear Lace shouting at the new girls “Don’t say ‘I can’t!’ You can do this just try it. Who cares if you fall.” Something as simple as that. Those words, that encouragement, the impact it has outside of this warehouse in LA is unimaginable. I often wonder in 5, 10, 15, and 20 years what kind of an impact this sport will have had on our culture. Girls at the age of 8-18 are being brought up by a community of powerful ass kicking women. The self esteem they develop, the opportunity to be powerful and self expressed is going to make an impact we can’t even begin to imagine. Thank you to all the women (and men) who have poured their hearts and souls into building this sport into the international powerhouse it is today. I am proud to be a part of it and hope that my work, my art, my passion for grooming female athletes is a contribution and an asset to the community, the movement.


Sabrina and I after out kick ass workout at Crossfit HB! We did 4 rounds for time of : 10 wall balls, 10 box jumps, 10 burpies, 10 toes to bar (still havent gotten these down YET), and 10 sits ups. Sabrina kicked my ass by like 7 minutes.


Today I visited some of my favorite ladies at our South Bay wellness center. Seriously, these two women are two of my most favorite people in the world. <;3! So much passion and positive energy!

Food today:
8am Prepare and bev mix
10:30 4 eggs n veggies
Noon Turkey patty n veggies
4pm 3 Eggs n spinach
6pm f1 n PDM
7:30 bev mix n prepare
9:46 Rebuild strength
12 meat!



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