Magical People


20130111-205053.jpgCrossfit has proven to be more entertaining that I ever could have expected. It probably has less to do with the actual workouts than it does with the fact that I get to workout with none other than the Queen of Shenanigans herself, Miss Bethany Semeiks. Friday was fancy pants friday. Today was Fancy shirt monday and we wore our coaches faces on our shirts. All around, she kind of makes almost crying while swinging a 53lb kettle bell and doing 40lb ball slams totally worth it. So BTrain, this post is for you and all of the sunshine you bring to my day! You’re like a f*&$ing unicorn. ❤

Sometimes we take for granted the amazing people that are in our lives. So stop for a second and think of someone you are truly grateful to have in your life and send them a text or call them right now just to tell them how awesome they are and how grateful you are that you get to have them be part of your life experience.

184419_10200436929432645_230865710_nCrossfit today:

AMRAP 10min

10Kettle Bell Swings (53lbs), 200 meter sprint, 10 Ball slams (40lbs)

I completed 4 rounds at RX!!! #kickingalloftheass

393010_10200441379063883_580368057_nFood today:

Interval sprints

eggs and veggies

ground turkey and veggies

bev mix and prepare


ground turkey and veggies




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