Another Day in the life of…

I am going to tell you a story of my morning.

I woke up feeling so rested and energized. I must have been in a DEAD sleep. I literally woke up in the EXACT SAME POSITION I fell asleep in last night. My covers werent even moved so I dont think I turned over once last night. High five to myself for not having to remake a messy bed!

I go into the bath room and open the medicine cabinet and reach for the toothpaste and it isn’t there. Well, for a second I think it isnt then I realize its on the other side of my toothbrush holder and this kind of hurts my brain for a second. “Am I dreaming?” Pops into my head for a second and I do a quick mental once over and deduce that I am in fact awake. So I reach in at an akward angle pull out the toothpaste.

Then, I walk out of the bathroom to get ready to go to CrossfitHB. I see my socks on the floor and put them on. See my shoes next to them and start to put them on. About half way into tying my  second shoe I realize I am still completely naked. Like butt ass naked with my tennis shoes on. “Am I DREAMING?” Nope. Awake.

You’re wlecome…or, I’m sorry. 🙂




Today was just plain awesome! Have you ever had one of those “I got my groove on and kicked ass at my world” days? Today was one of those!

Maybe I should sleep soundly, leave my toothpaste in a weird place and put my tennis shoes on first every morning! I got to Cross

fitHB and it was Dead lift One Rep Max day! YAAAAAY! I have been dying to redo my ORM DL since November. Sabrina and I killed it! We just kept adding weight and not counting it up. We wanted to lift what our bodies could lift, not only lift how much our brain thought we could lift (see yesterdays post on mind games). I knew we must be getting pretty heavy when Coaches Rosario and Eric started watching us and Rosario kind of starts hopping around with excitement like a little kid that has to pee. ANNNNNNNDDDDD we both PR’d

255lbs baby! Up from 235.

We also worked on double unders today.


I spent most of the WOD on a mission to get really good at double unders instead of going for time and not doing it right. In 10 minutes I got through 2 sets (25 double unders and 10 jumping squats with a 45lb bar per set) plus 10 extra double unders. Stoked! It was one of the few times I have done the actual workout as prescribed! #kickingalloftheass I did manage to whip the shit out of my arms and butt in the process though I don’t think the photo does my arm welts any justice.

IMG_5383Then after practice I went to wicked skatewear and ate Strychnines beautiful little yoda baby. Protein right after a workout is important for proper muscle recovery.

The I met with my friend Jen who is Killing it at her health goals! She is down 26lbs in the last few months and has a pair of jeans she is on a mission to fit into before her vacation in March. We are SO getting her there!


IMG_5399Then I headed home to be ridiculously productive!! I did nutrition profiles for athletes in Germany, Seattle, and Los Angeles today! We are prepping for our newest Derbalife Challenge and so there were workouts to put together and nutrition classes to plan. I knocked off my entire TODO list all while getting in a few healthy meals and some snuggle time with the Fonz. #MyLifeIsAVacation #Boom


So Practice last night….It was our first endurance practice of

2013 and it kicked my ass! We got to do some 1:1 blocking/jamming which I am on a mission to get better at. I find that went I try to swoop in to block in a 1:1 situation I miss and they get by. But, if I just use fast, side stepping feet to keep my butt in front of them, I can totally stop them (CFHB Coaches, if you are reading them, please please please make me do more fast feet/ladders daily after class!). Lace and Duchess totally schooled me but I WILL get better. Its all mental. All I have to think is “Move your feet!” Not “SMASH!”

Since there was no profound life lesson learned in the goings on of today, I leave you with this:

“I don’t need anyone to rectify my existence. The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves.”

Shirley MacLaine


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