Six inches

What’s the difference between the box in these 2 photos?



The answer is 6 inches. One is set on its side 24 inches and one is upright 30 inches tall. That’s a distance a little longer than the length from my wrist to my finger tip. So, in the grand scheme of things not much.

I almost got defeated by six inches today (hehe that’s what she said). But seriously. 6’1, 215lbs of ass kicking Krissy Krash almost got punked by six effing inches. But it wasn’t the six inches difference in these two boxes. It was the six that exist between my left and right ear. That grey, jello like matter inside my skull that takes all past experiences, fears, and doubts and projects them into a fabricated version of what is seemingly so.

At the beginning of Crossfit today Coach Eric said, this activity will have far less to do with your actual ability than it does with your mind. I thought, “yeah right. I got this. 30 inches.” Then we jumped, 24, no problem. 28. jumped and missed. jumped and missed. Jumped and stuck it, barely.

Then we hit 30 and my feet wouldn’t budge off the ground. I’d go to jump and it was like they were nailed to the floor. It blew me away. I got nervous. I got in my head. I jumped. My feet hit the box 2 inches below the top. I jumped again. Same. Again. Same. I took a break and watched Sabrina nail it and add a plate and jump higher. WTF?! I tried again. One foot hit the top, one didn’t and I stumbled back. Now I was getting pissed, shaky, and doubtful. Mostly pissed. I closed my eyes and thought to myself “I can do this it’s just 2 extra inches.” I opened my eyes and jumped before my brain could tell me otherwise and I got it. Both feet hit the top but I was off balance and stumbled back off. At least I know my feet could get up there.

20130108-121731.jpgOf course I couldn’t let that be it. I wasn’t about to “almost jump 30” so I tried again over and over and I just couldn’t get it. Time was running out and so I flipped the box over and jumped the 24 inch side successfully flipped it back to 30in and jumped. one foot got there and one didnt. Flipped it again and jumped 24in and before my brain could get wise to my plan Iflipped it back up to the 30, closed my eyes and jumped it like it was 24. Boom hit it.

Too often we take what our brain says as fact. This perceived reality of limitations that we allow ourselves to believe is real. It’s not. Nothing is impossible. How often do we stop short of our greatness because of fear. Fear of pain, roadblocks, or the unknown stop us before we even get started. How different would the world be if people refused to play small, refused to settle for mediocre, refused to live in just good enough. How many ideas and how much passion would be shared with the world if we only thanked our brains for sharing and did it anyways?

(I want this blog to be interactive! Please leave comments below. The intention of this blog is for you to be able to give life to your world outside your comfort zone.)

What is something you have always wanted to do but you let your mind shut down the idea before you had a chance to start?
Where do you feel like you allow your mind to dictate what’s possible for you?
What steps could you take to create a new reality of what’s possible in your life?

30 days of Awesome starts today!
Coach Mike ran a killer nutrition talk at CrossfitHB yesterday. I am always excited to learn from those who are more knowledgable and have more experience in the field of nutrition than I do. I took some killer notes that ill be adding into my own coaching philosophy. He has inspired my to take on a 30 day challenge which ill be posting about here. I don’t believe in diets. I believe developing healthy, lifelong habits is key. I like that its all about fueling like an athlete which, for those who know meknow, is what I’m all about. I love a challenge to be better. The goal here is to develop habits of clean eating. Hit me up if you want the rules etc.

SO EXCITED FOR PRACTICE TONIGHT! I am going to take all of my shattering limiting beliefs work from this morning and absolutely crush it on the track tonight.

Food today:
9 Crossfit 800 meter run, box jumps, 500meter row Check out my 500 Meter row!
10:30 Rebuild strength
Noon Lunch eggs, chicken, broccoli
3 Snack chicken and veggies
6 Dinner formula 1 sport and bev mix on the way to practice
7:30 endurance Practice
9:30 rebuild
11 Snack meat


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