The myth of the finish line.

The path to improvement it endless. We can always be better, faster, stronger, more skilled, smarter, fitter, etc. There is literally no limit to anything. The finish line is a myth. It is simply the beginning of a new journey. Walls, barriers, limits, finish lines exist solely in our brain and level of desire. There is no right or wrong to our own path. What ever our pace or goal, our journey is perfect.

Especially in sports and often times in business we tend to look right or left to determine growth. The problem is our lives, our experiences, our circumstances are different than those around us. Not that one is better than the other, they just simply are what they are. We cannot judge our path based on someone else’s journey. This is perhaps the hardest part of anything. Being willing to run your own race.


Today at CrossFitHB we did one rep max (ORM) front squats. I beat my last ORM by 10 lbs! I am stoked! I have always been obsessed with tracking performance, seeing measurable progress. Thus one Rep Maxs are quickly becoming a new focus and challenge. As athletes, performance is about strength, speed, stamina, agility, precision, and of course being able to kick the crap out of your own competition of the field, track, court, whatever. But competition day aside, there is only one person you have to compete against—>yourself yesterday.


Pushups -27

Pull ups (jumping but I WILL do real ones soon!) -16

Situps (i broke a nail during these. Thank got i found it. I would have felt bad if someone else happend to find my abandoned acrylic nail) -30

Lateral Jumps- 55 

Graduate Seminar: Living Powerfully – A Life That Defies the Predictable

Landmark Graduate Seminar Starts tonight! Its called Living Powerfully. I am beyond fired up to get back into the landmark conversation. This is the description of the seminar from Landmark Education

Each of us wants to live a life that’s a match for who we are, but sometimes we get wrapped up with the circumstances of life, and forget that living powerfully is always available to us. If we think of power as the velocity with which we turn intentions into reality, what does it take to live powerfully—to fulfill what we see as possible?

In this seminar, you’ll find yourself generating the stakes to a new or expanded game, based in what matters most to you. You’ll clear up past issues that may have stopped or limited you, and experience a new ability to meet and take on challenges, to get and stay on track with what you know is possible.

Food today

breakfast – Herbalife 24 formula 1 sport and H24 Prepare


Snack – cottage cheese

lunch- chicken and veggies

snack cottage cheese

dinner- turkey patty and veggies


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