You are average.


Did you know research shows you are likely the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Average health, income, personal development, spirituality, etc.
Ask yourself:
who do you spend your time with?

What is that doing to you?

Is that ok?


These are the amazing inspiring people I spent my time with today at active nutrition LA. Sometimes you just have to immerse yourself in awesome. It is so refreshing to be around so many people who have a passionate purpose, who want nothing more than to better the lives of others, make people feel good about themselves both inside and out. Thank you to everyone who was there today and thank you for allowing me to speak. 100 people is a BIG room! Its been a while since I have trained and it was good to be back. I am so grateful for my Herbafamily!

CrossFit update: My abs are mildly sore today from 50-40-30-20-10 sit-ups/double unders at Crossfit yesterday. That means tomorrow ill really feel it. Yay!!!!! I love sore abs!! #crossfitHB


I had dinner with my Dad tonight to celebrate his 63rd birthday. We always have so much fun together. Sometimes I realize how lucky I am to have been blessed with such great parents. It’s not that they were ever perfect people or super-parents but they did their best with what they knew. Sometimes we expect that our parents should be these perfect people that lead us and guide us to live these epic lives. Then, if things didnt turn out the way we think they were supposed to, we

blame them. I dont think anyone’s parents really do something with the mind set of “oh yeah, this is gonna scar my kid for life!”As I approach nearly the age that my mom was when she had my brother, I’ve started realizing how little I know about anything. I realize how unprepared I would feel bringing a human being into the world at this point in my life and I’m amazed and really kind of in awe of them for being so brave.

I sat on the couch at my dad’s after dinner tonight and we are laughing and talking about life and how we’ve come along way together. It has not been a smooth road or perfect road and we had some major fall outs and mistakes. I don’t blame him though. Its not like hegot to rent a practice daughter to try this whole parenting thing out on before he had me. Hell, I wouldnt have known what to do with my crazy 14 year old self either. We had our upside downs but, you know, it was just our path.

Now here we were, years later laughing and talking about things that a decade ago seemed earth shattering and now, with some perspective are kind of hilarious. Just two adults whose lives have been vastly impacted by eachother. I sat there with my head on my dad’s shoulder and arm wrapped around his stomach and I don’t know the last time that we sat like that and just talked. Its so strange to be almost 30 looking back on my life and all the things I have learned from my him. And now, being so grateful to have such a wonderful man in my life, for everything he taught me. How funny the things that made me crazy as a kid- his insisting on teaching me how to budget money, quizing me on whether we were going north or south while he was driving, or being so damn organized. And now these very same things are survival mechanisms in my everyday life…except the north/south one, I still suck at directions…

But we do end upbecoming our parents in a lot of ways. And me, I’m pretty OK with that. Sometimes we get frustrated when the people we look up to, the people we rely on to guide us end up just being regular people doing their best to find their way.


Did you know that your pubes get grey when you get old??? No seriously. I mean it makes sense but it never occurred to me! This kind of blew my mind and so I thought I would share incase any of you were taking your nicely colored pubes (or lack there of) for granted. You’re welcome.

Don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going. You’re already in pain, get a reward from it.


Food log today:

formula 1 chocolate mint and PDM


formula 1 and PDM


chips, salsa, fajitas, and a big ass brownie with icecream that I split with my dad 🙂


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