Nuts in Your Mouth! Oh, and yoga.


What a day! I woke up a little sore from 4 days straight of interval sprints every morning and crossfit every afternoon so today I decided to hit up a yoga class to get my Zen on. Turned out Wrecky, one of my favorite people in the world was there too! SCORE! So class today was interesting. It was my first yoga class in like a year and, Zen it was NOT. I was huffing and puffing and making myself wrong for not being flexible and having all kinds of conversations in my head about how I sucked at yoga and these mirrors were not flattering. I decided I should probably come to yoga every day for the rest of my life to fix my inflexible body. I actually thought about leaving and going to lift weights because I know I am good at that. (Did I mention this was only the first 5 minutes of the class?)

Then the instructor said “Be kind to yourself. Let your body tell you where you practice needs to be today. Close your eyes and feel you body. Dont look at the people around you. Dont look at yourself in the mirror. Just focus on your beath. Focus on the space in between your breaths. Just BE in your practice because it is perfect. ” I swear that chick was talking directly to me. It was awesome. It allowed me to let go of my stories about where I SHOULD be and allowed me to work from my own starting point. Needless to say I left feeling stretchier and fully worked. I look forward to at least one yoga class every week from now on.

We all create stories about where we should be. About why where we are is the wrong place. I shouldn’t weight this much. My partner shouldn’t act this way. My boss should appreciate me more. I should be on the all star team right now. When we put our self in this place of making the present wrong, we get agitated, anxious, frustrated. We literally should all over ourselves. And it doesnt fix anything. You cant get anywhere starting with “should be.”

We can, however, take a look at the situation and, if it is not inline with what want for our lives, ask ourselves what we DO want and start down a path to being there. Me, I recognize that my yoga practice is not where I’d like it to be, so my path is to appreciate my body for where it is at and to make small measurable steps to improve my yoga skills weekly. 🙂


Similarly, at Crossfit today we did Helen and Annie. Yup two chicks as the same time. Nooch. I am on a mad mission to be able to do ONE DAMN PULLUP! IT WILL HAPPEN THIS YEAR. I love training with BTrain. Everytime one of us is about to die, the other one starts shouting “champs! Champs! Champs!” It amazing. I absolutely love our CrossfitHB. The coaches here have proved to be nothing short of amazing.  Not only for their obvious love of the sport and awesome attitudes but also for their willingness to let BTrain and I take them roller skating last night 🙂

Oh and today I had cashews for lunch. I just bought a big canister of them and I am obsessed! I kind of laughed at myself when it was lunch time and I’m like hmmm what do I want for lunch? CASHEWS! YUM!

PS For those of you that dont know I have vowed to write a blog everyday this year so I apologize and also say “youre welcome” ahead of time for all the randomness that may be posted 🙂

Todays foodlog:
Formula 1 Mint chocolate
Formula 1 mint chocolate
ill probably have chicken and veggies later.

Yup, that happened today,



  1. Conni Medina

    The shoulds will keep us focused on the guilt of not being, having, doing,giving, acting, etc. you’re right that appreciating the present is the way to energize for the future!

    • hotterinyourhotpants

      Totally! SOmetimes we lose site of that fact that where we are at is exactly where we should be and that the feeling of wanting something different for ourselves is just a call to action to become something more! in fact feeling like we want things to be different is actually awesome because it means we have an opportunity to grow!

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