You are a Magnet

Everything you want and everything you don’t want are drawn to you because of you. I have heard this 100 ways from a 100 different people.

“You are 100% responsible for everything thats happening in your life” Jack Cannfield

“You get what you focus on.” Tony Robins

“You are what you repeatedly do” Buddha

“The discontent and frustration that you feel is entirely your own creation.”
― Stephen Richards 

Most times when people hear this, they go on the defensive. “But what, I didnt ask for any of this. I didnt want to be broke, unhealthy, in an abusive relationship, _____insert crappy situation here___.” But the more I read and the more I learn, we truly are 100% in charge and in control.

I have been listening to an audio that my sister suggested to me its called the Vortex. Its the fundametal principals that “The Secret” evolved from. One thing I really liked that I heard today was that our entire world, universe, planet, existence is made up of vibrations. If you are operating from negative vibrations, negative things are drawn to you. If I were to spend all my time focusing on what I dont want then what I dont want will most likely be what I get. Easy example: Ever ridden a bike? Ever ridden a bike and had a dog, car, person, wall whatever pose a threat to you? Most times if you look at the thing posing a threat you will ride right into it. You have to look away and look elsewhere to find a safe space that you DO want to ride into in order to avoid the collision. 

So if life was a bike ride, what would you focus on? Where would you point your wheel? I challenge you to find a situation in your life where things arent going so well and instead of making it bad or wrong and trying to fix it, instead of focusing on the negative, focus on what you do want. But the challenge is to focus on it because you want it, not because its an alternative to what you dont want.

I have noticed that I find much joy in spending my mental time focusing on what I do want. Focusing on the possibility of what I could have. Asking quality questions about how could I make those possibilities realities in my life.

law-of-attraction-attractionLike anything else, this simply takes practice. This is a new mental muscle. I challenge you to practice taking on life. Using your positive focus and positive energy to literally bend the universe and force the things you want into your life.

Go on, give it a try.



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