Love yourself


The new year is upon us. This time of year is like a magnifying glass of what we think is wrong with our lives. We plan how this year will be different how. We now to tie up loose ends of the things we did not accomplish last year. And of course practically everyone vows to lose weight.

This year I encourage you to take on what I am taking on. I am focusing on a healthy life, on a healthy body, making positive choices. I am focusing on a healthy bank account and keeping my spending in check. This is the first year of my entire life that my New Year’sresolution was not the number on the scale. I have been doing a lot of reading lately and found several books that talk about intuitive eating and focusing on a healthy lifestyle instead of on weight.


As an athlete it means eating when my body needs it and understanding when my body doesn’t. It is not about depriving yourself or counting calories. It’s about recognizing the nutrients that your body needs, getting in touch with the sensations you feel when your body is hungry or thirsty or tired or needs fuel. But it’s also about recognizing when your body doesn’t need fuel. Recognizing when you’re using food to ease boredom anxiety or some other emotion. I have always been a snacker, not because I was hungry and more because I was anxious. It’s about letting go of focusing on what’s wrong and taking on focusing what’s right.

I found great freedom in allowing my body to just be.

8am Interval Sprints! 9am rebuild strength 11am cottage cheese and apple fiber complex 2:30 formula 1, PDM, prolessa 4pm Crossfit 5:30pm chicken and veggies 9:30pm cottage cheese and bev mix



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