Week 3 success plus Power foods for athletes

Super stoked! I has been 21 days since I declared my goals on my blog on September 12th. Check out this video to see how far I have come! If you want to know my exact plan, Click “Contact Me” on the right side of the page and shoot me a message!

Power food- OAT MEAL!

So I have been doing some more intense workouts lately that include sprinting and plyometrics. I am finding that 2 things are really helping me get through these high intensity pain sessions.  My coach, yes I have a coach too :-), told me to mix a scoop of PDM, a scoop of Formula 1 sport, and 1/4 cup oats with a little water and eat it before these intense workouts and it has helped me a TON! The biggest thing I encounter with this though is it makes me SUPER full right before a workout so I am also playing around with is having my formula 1 sport and prepare before the gym, then bringing an H30 stick with me to the gym and eating this like a pixi stick half way through my workouts. This is working great too!

Now oatmeal is pretty high in carbs and honestly, if you are not heading to the gym but instead are heading into your office to sit at a desk, this would not be the best breakfast for you if you are trying to lean. Instead, just do the usual shake before work and make the pre-workout snack before your workouts later in the day.

It all just comes down to hard work and my why. I feel so amazing so far and its only been a few weeks. Bikini Competition is seeming more and more like something I can really do in 2013!


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