The rhythm

Have you ever started a new routine? A new job with a new commute and new co workers and a new boss and new tasks. In the beginning it s all so…evident. Like you are SO aware of everything going on. But after a while it all sort of fades into the background and the happenings of everyday life take over the forefront. And life just becomes life again.

That is how the last 3 weeks have been with starting on journey to my Level 10 Results, starting my nutrition program designed specifically for my goals, starting new workouts, etc. There was a LOT of thinking involved those first few weeks. And honestly, it was hard. Not hard to do really because the plan is so simple, but much like starting a new job it required a lot of though. Writing down and preparing all my meals and snacks in the morning. Making sure I was hitting my protein requirements, eating enough calories, getting in my water, taking my tablets took a lot of thinking. Because it was NEW. But now, 3 weeks into it I have found my stride. I have lost 8lbs so far and I can feel myself getting stronger. I think less about it every day as it all becomes habit. Its fading into the background and life is settling into being life again.

A quick note:

I am excited to see my new found agility over the next 90 days as the rest of the 30 lbs drops off. And for those of you who have said “Well Krissy, you don’t need to lose 30 lbs.” Here is my response A) Thank you for the compliment but I didnt ask your opinion of what my best version of me is and B) Go pick up a 30lb weight and think about skating around with it and trying to play derby. Then put it down and imagine how much easier skating would be with that weight off. Its not about being societies version of “fat” or “skinny.” Its about being the best athlete and best version of myself that I can.

Bottom line is I want to be stronger, faster, better and dropping some excess pounds is part of the process. I have a verison of myself that I would like to be…for me to feel even more cofortable n my own skin…not for you or anyone else. We have this stigma about weight loss, especially in the derby community of “we love all women of all sizes so fuck you and your weight loss” but heres the thing. WE DO LOVE ALL OUR WOMEN OF ALL SIZES. Period. And some of our choices to lose weight should not be taken as anyone passing any judgements on anyone else. But for some of us, we feel that being a high level athlete means dropping body fat and adding muscle to be better on the track. It is just as important to value someones commitment to improving as it is to value someone for wherever they are at as long as they are happy with themselves.


Because I am so committed to reaching my Level 10 goals and in a year doing this Bikini Contest AND going to 2013 WFTDA Nationals (yes i know 2012 hasn’t happened yet but I am already planning ahead!) I didnt want to fuck it up this time. In the past I have gone forward on a new mission and just kind of flake out. Yes like many of my clients who have started on a plan then disappeared, I have done this over and over for the last few years. Mostly because I didnt have a coach to coach me and keep me on track. I have the easiest/best nutrition program in the world and all the education I need to be successful and yet, I would fall off. So whats the difference this time? Why will it be different?

1) Coaching- I have hooked up with Noreen Juliano who is coaching me to my Level 10 goals.

2) Accountability- I am publicly documenting my journey with videos, facebook photos, blog posts, etc because I want all of you to call my ass out! Talk about some accountability!

3) Partner in Crime- I am hooking up with a few ladies with my same goals and we are all locking arms to support eachother.

4) A simple plan- A long ass time ago I lost about 20 lbs in a very very unhealthy way. And I remember my teammates telling me I looked anorexic. Afterwards I proceeded to gain back the 20 lbs plus 20 more…then I became a health coach and I have been “meaning to lose the weight” for about 3.5 years now but just never committed to it. So everytime I go about losing weight I over complicvate it. This time I am sticking to what I know works. Sticking to my herbalife program properly, eating clean around it, and damn it, We are gonna get this thing done!

So follow me on my journey, join me if you want to, check my blogs from time to time, and for god’s sake call my ass out if I dont follow through!


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