Zombies and 200 miles!

So its been just over a month and I am hot and heavy into the 200 mile mission!  SO far I have run 80 miles n the last month and 8 days! DUDE 80 effing miles!!! AND I have added in the ZOmbies, Run! App which makes me spring intervals with Zombies chasing me. You better believe I run faster!

I am doing 3 runs a week, a long a medium and a short run giving myself a day of rest (non running but other lifting or cardio workouts in between) and of course there is derby 3 days a week and fit club and run club… When I put it all down on paper its like of amazing how much I workout. And honestly, I workout because I just love to MOVE. I love to sweat and be sore and feel challenged. I cant imagine my life without fitness and nutrition in it.

You never know how bad you feel until you feel better. Someone told me this when I was just starting ti get into health coaching and it made so much sense. Its like we walk around being numb to being in pain, or being tired, and having headaches. Its not that it doesnt bother us but we just dont know that we dont know how to feel better. We dont realize there is this whole other world outside of the average american lifestyle. It feels good to be on the other side.

I have made it my lifes mission to help people move from not knowing to knowing. To see those ah ha moments when people realize “oh my, I feel amazing.” Changing someone changes you. Thats why I got into education almost a decade ago. Now being able to teach AND teach passionately something that I am excited about is beyond a blessing.

SO what now? 120 miles to go in the next 2 months. I will no doubt knock that out no problem. With regionals coming up in the next few weeks I will be kicking up the 2 a day workouts and hitting the gym for some agility drills. Its time for LEVEL 10 ASS KICKING, Western Regionals, here we come!

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