T Dotter and I crosser.

I am an action person. I am an idea person. I am a start things person. I definately dont have a hard time getting things I want started in my life but traitionaly in the past I have found that keeping anything going over a long period of time was not my forte. And this is still something I work on. I get allllllllll these great ideas and I get fired up and put them into action then “Look Squirrel!” and, BAM, Im off in another direction. You may have noticed this if you’ve followed my blog for any considerable amount of time over the last ohhhhhh 3 years.

I am excited to say, however, that today I finished something!

10weeks ago we were blessed to have Bonnie Thunders and OMG at our ACDG practice showing us a thing or two about a thing or two. In passing she mentioned that she pulled a few drills from some football SPARQ training on the Nike website. That night I went home and was delighted to find an entire 8 week football pre-season training program on there! Three days a week of power lifting, ladder drills, sprints, and pretty much any other kind of torture I could have asked for.

The next morning I come parading into Evolve gym where I proudly announce to my trainer Brad that I am going to do all 8 weeks of this program and he gets to torture me through the whole thing. Anytime Brad gets to inflict pain on someone he gets excited. I am pretty sure he pulls wings off bugs and kicks puppies for fun.

I think I see some abs in there, ya?????

So we embark on this terrible yet amazing process. As always I got about 75% of the way through it and started already thinking about new projects. Another half marathon, new lifting routines, yoga. But I kept reminding myself that I was finishing this. And with a few ups and downs and minor set backs I am excited to say that we finally finished this bitch today!!!

Brad even made me this ummmmm official looking certificate. LOL.

Thanks to my amazing Herbalife Nutrition Program and SPARQ, I am down 5% body fat, can bench 115lbs 5 times, squat 190-205lbs, and have added, strength, agility, and lean body mass!  Now that all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted and I have done all the ladder drills in the land, its time to embark on a new project!


Food today:

Breakfast- Formula 1 pdm prolessa

workout- triceps, abs, cardio

snack- greek yogurt and recovery shake

lunch- chicken, mixed greens, low carb tortillas

snack- greek yogurt, strawberries, low carb tortillas

dinner- formula 1 and PDM

PM snack- bev mix and apple fiber complex

*** For more information on my complete Herbalife Nutrition Program or one for yourself, an opportunity to help people get healthy and earn extra part time/full time income, or for a free wellness profile no matter where in the world you are go towww.goherbalife.com/krissykrash and send me your info OR click “contact me” on the right hand side of my blog***


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