I expect to win.

Where’s your head at? In life, in business, in Derby, in relationships. Do you expect to be successful? DO you expect to have things go your way? Do you expect to win?

University if PA study in insurance sales those who expected to succeed sold 37% more than those who didn’t.

Your mental attitude can shape you life. What you put out, you get back. There is no person who is always and automatically up beat, positive, and completely 100% on point with their mental state. It takes work. Our brain is a habit machine. Do anything good or bad long enough and your brain will automatically begin to expect it. eat M&Ms after lunch for a few weeks in a row and suddenly you crave sweets after every meal. Workout every morning for a month and you’ll find it gets easier and easier to get up until one day it seems something is missing if you skip your sweat session.

You are what you repeatedly do. So when it comes to your thoughts, expecting to win is a habit. It is a conscious decision every day, every moment, every situation. I try to guard my mind and pour in positive thoughts to wash out the negative crap. For one whole month I listened to Les Brown “Smooth Mix, Stepping into your greatness” for 30 minutes of my workout in the morning. I conditioned my brain to think those thoughts, repeat his words of wisdom. And it worked. I would start to hear his encouragement in other situations throughout my day. Funny thing is when I stopped listening, it faded away. As Jim Rohn would say, you can’t let the weeds take the garden. You’ve got to pull the weeds frequently.

I am challenging myself to expect to win. I challenge you do to the same. This does not mean be cocky or slack off. It means pouring it on in all aspects of life. Playing full out. Telling the universe I deserve the things I want in my life and I will bust my ass to bring them to me.

Food today:

Breakfast- Formula 1 pdm prolessa

workout- triceps, abs, cardio

snack- greek yogurt and recovery shake

lunch- chicken, mixed greens, low carb tortillas

snack- greek yogurt, strawberries, low carb tortillas

dinner- formula 1 and PDM

PM snack- bev mix and apple fiber complex

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  1. NiKKi:D

    Love that mental training. Such a good idea!!! I’m going to implement that positive mind focuses in my ipod asap! Thanks for such a great idea!

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