Paddling, Old Friends, New Friends

Another epic day! Got up, worked out with Brad at Evolve gym It was my second to last day of SPARQ training! Today was a busy day!  Josh, Ron and a few other coaches were in the club today. It was great energy and so awesome having them all here. Its great to love the people you work with!  Between training new coaches, checking in on clients, and getting ready for the new Derbalife challenge its been quite a non stop day! I did however take a few hours to go paddling with my old friend Andi who I havent seen in like 3 years. Awesomely enough, she joined the last Derbalife challenge while she was stationed in South East Asia and I coached her remotely. She lost 25 lbs in 8 weeks on her Herbalife Nutrition program during the challenge! It was fun to have her in town and to catch up. We went paddling with my new friend Addison. It was a pretty awesome time. Old friends, new friends, and attempting to do yoga on paddle boards. Epic! Then back to Active Nutrition to chat about business with Andi and get some more work done and now off to roller derby practice!

Life is good!

Food today:

Breakfast: formula 1 sport, PDM, prolessa


Snack: recovery shake

Lunch: chicken, mixed greens, low carb torillas

snack: low carb tortillas, greek yogurt, strawberries

dinner: formula 1 and PDM


post practice snack: beverage mix and apple fiber hot like Tea!

*** For more information on Herbalife Nutrition Programs, business opportunity, or for a free wellness profile no matter where in the world you are go to and send me your info OR click “contact me” on the right hand side of my blog***


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