Pool Parties, Health Coaching, Roller Derby…Its a good life.

What an amazing weekend! I am so stoked on life right now! Not only did  kick ass at my nutrition program ALL of last week but I also lost 3 lbs last week putting me 6 lbs away from my goal AND I felt amazing running around in my bikini all weekend. We made yummy healthy food and I didn’t totally kill my nutrition program over the weekend either which was a major success. We grilled about 40 bs of meat! Piles of meat and veggies!!! Life is gooooooood!

I am so grateful to have such amazing people in my life. I love my Herbalife Team. To have friends and business partners that are as excited about helping inspire people to get healthy as I am. To be around such powerful, driven people who love to work hard and are passionate about helping build other people up to their potential as well. It made me really clear on the type of people I am looking for to join my business. People that really have DRIVE. People that are FUN to hang out with. People that know there is an amazing opportunity with Herbalife and are willing to LEARN how to build a business.

By the end of the weekend I was itching to get home and back to work again. Its funny how when you love what you do, there is only so much vacation you can take before you are ready to get back to work! That is when you know you truly love what you do!

We didnt win our game on Saturday against WASATCH and when I left I was pissed. Frustrated with myself, mad for getting mad, let down that I couldn’t stay in a damn wall, vowing to quit roller derby because I just suck at it (you know you have been in that silly place before too)…This all lasted about 5 minutes before I had a long talk with my self. “Kristen, everything that happened out there means nothing unless you learn from it. You dont suck at derby, you just have to be better at it. You are not quitting because that would kill you. You just have to be better.”Sigh. Ok. Its true. So today I woke up feeling driven. Driven to play smarter, be more disciplined on the track, to not lose my cool in the box and….not yell at the refs…. Although I am not entirely sure how to break myself of that habit….I yell at them before I realize I am yelling. Lol. I worked out today with purpose. Imagining my self getting stronger, faster. 

Over all this day just kicks ass. I feel focused in life and business and derby. I met with my client Joy today who is down 2 lbs in her very fist week and has increased her energy AND her sons LOVE the formula 1 shake as a quick meal before their sporting events. We chatted about snacking options and low carb tortillas (my new fav!). It made me feel really good to know I am helping her and her entire family on the road to a healthier life.

Food today:

formula 1 sport with PDM and prolessa

epic lifitng session with 20 min jog after

post workout- beverage mix and apple fiber …..and some cookie dough…dont judge me.

lunch: chicken, mixed greens, 2 low carb tortillas, balsamic dressing

snack: greek yogurt, strawberries, 2 low carb tortillas (extra since we have practice tonight!)

dinner: shake before practice!

endurance practice 

pre bed time snack: bev mix and apple fiver HOT like tea

*** As my business grows, I am currently looking for 2 things 1)A few people looking to get healthy that I can support in their health goals 2) A few people who love the idea of owning a business, helping others, and getting to learn and grow. If oyu or anyone you know fits in those categories, send them my way ***


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