Habits! The good, the bad, the invisible.

We do a lot of the same stuff everyday! I have been reading a book on habits and typically when I think of habits I think of bad habits like biting my nails, eating when I’m nervous, sweari

ng like a sailor, etc. But really my life is full of all kinds of habits. Good ones like working out every morning, drinking tons of water all day, having a shake for breakfast, not eating fast food. There are also what I think of as invisible habits like my morning routine roll out of bed, brush teeth, wash face, get dressed…in that order every time. Its weird by my entire life seems to be made of of the same things over and over.

But at the same time, my life today is vastly different than in was -10 years ago. Some things were the same, up-teeth-face but other things were complete opposite. I used to grab a ham and cheese croissant every morning for breakfast and a rock star at the 7-11 on my way to work. Getting home at night was followed by beer and junk food. Sunday mornings i was so hungover ususally that more been and an ordered in pizza was the only solution. I smoked. I didnt workout……I know its kind of hard to believe.

So what happened? My priorities shifted. I started associating myself with healthier people. I joined roller derby. Its funny to look back at photos of my first roller derby fund raiser and see a back of camel lights tucked in my knee high sock. But as I fell in love with derby I fell in love with the drive to improve. I started going to the gym more so that my endurance was better. I quite smoking. I drank less because we had sunday practice and I didnt want to be hungover. I started eating better because it made me feel better on the track.

So today (and everyday) I am grateful for Roller Derby. I am grateful for the women who revived our awesome sport. I am grateful for everyone who does all the behind the scenes work to make every bout around the world happen. I am grateful for the people who pushed me to make me better. I am grateful for the the friends I have found, those sisters who have your back on and off the track. I am grateful for the all refs and NSOs and announcers. I am grateful to every skater who has taken a chance and let me coach them to improve their game and their habits. I am just so grateful to be part of this random, amazing world of Roller Derby.

Food today

8am formula 1 shake, pdm, prolessa

workout-bicps and abs and 10 min jog

10am greek yogurt, apple fiber complex, beverage mix

noon chicken, indian curry, broccoli, low carb tortillas

3 greek yogurt mixed greens balsamic vinagrette


6pm shake

9pm protein snack

www.goherbalife.com/krissykrash for more info or a free nutrition profile



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