Its a beautiful day! I am feeling good. Had a shake this morning then went and worked out with Brad at Evolve Gym. I am in the last 4 sessions of SPARQ training. its been fun but I am kind ready to be done with power lifting and 40 yard sprints for a while! Grabbed a rebuild strength after my workout and headed into the office! Our kitchen at Active Nutrition is FINALLY DONE! It feels good to have this place up and running finally!

Not too much on the schedule for today so I am going to go paddling with my friend mike and enjoy some water and sunshine.

Looking for a good lean meal? I am obsessed with steamed broccoli and boiled chicken with Indian curry sauce on it with 2 low carb tortillas. Its a high protein, high fiber healthy meal!




Food today:

7:30 am Formula 1 sport plus protein drink mix


9:30am rebuild strength

noon chicken veggies and low carb tortillas

3pm greek yogurt, mixed greens with a little dressing 2 low carb tortillas

6pm shake


10pm beverage mix and apple fiber with hot water!


go to to contact me for more info on health and nutrition and for a free wellness profile!


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